She dreamed..
of far away places;..
pinkish shining and full of twinkles...
deep green meadows that would sooth her eyes..

Column Elaina Ishtara: She dreamed

a fresh scent of lavender and warm woolen socks..
sitting by a campfire,while a guitar played one of her favorite songs...

Our a very very very fine house..
with two cats in the yard..
life used to be so hard..
now everything is easy cause of you...

and now..I light the fire ,while you place the flowers in the vase ,you bought today ....

this sweet song filled her heart and soul with pure delight..
gently and oow so smooth ..the sound carresed every cell of her body..
as she dreamed on ,and on;...

watching the stars rise in the evening sky...where sister moon with her beautiful silvery shine filled the air with magic...

she wrapped her rainbow blanket around herself;..
and drank from the warm herbal tea,that had been made especially for her...
by the little people ,that acompanied her every day and night..

"faries" ..that's how the humans called them..
but she called them "the little people"..or "earthly angels"...
so very dear had they become ..
on her every journey trough life;.

and now she had found her place..righ here..on this spot...
in this mittle valley..full of green trees, small creeks,open meadows full of flowers during summer..
and she felt very content and ,...yes..happy..
being surrounded by all this beauty and love..
the small animals of the forest nearby came to visit her often ..
she saved old crumbs of her home made bread for them..
and enjoyed watching them while eating;..

she smiled;..
life was Good..
after all..

she looked around the camfire..her sweet children and all her friends were there..
Good friends...soulmates..
from all over the world..angels,rainbow people,star beings,chrystal beings, and so much more...all in human form...smiling ..filled with love.

and her very special soulmate right beside her..holding her hand..warmly and loving..
they had been together for some years now..
and had been trough a lot as their growing proces..
each given the other space and room to grow,but always supporting eachother with pure unconditional love...

she dreamed....and watched...all these Good friends..the campfire..
her special soulmate...her children ;.the little people..
the stars.....and felt her heart warm up with So much Love and gratefulness..
beyond words....
far beyond any word...

Elaina Ishtara




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