For many of you the past few linear days may have unfolded in very “challenging” ways. I place the word challenging in inverted commas for a reason for the challenge is only in KEEPING the old frequencies running within your human vehicle.  If you allow them to dissolve and focus on TRUTH at all times, staying centred in the LOVE that IS then the old frequencies have no option but to dissolve for they no longer resonate within the bandwidth of the New Earth energetic signature.  This may see many scenarios try to play out and the more logical thought involved the more chaotic the scenario becomes, it will begin to FEED on itself to new levels.


In my own personal life I have spent the last few linear days blindly in a storm of my OWN making, unable to understand all that is playing out and unable to find balance. The logical mind going to extraordinary lengths to try to “prove” to me the frequency that was running. All the time I could FEEL that the frequency was not correct but could not see how it could not be correct and that is the smoke of the old 3d earth up to its old tricks.  I let it go on for a whole linear 24 hour period, feeling the emotions of ALL involved in the scenario and allowing these emotions to feed the drama that sought at all times to re-ignite itself.

Each one of you will have a frequency that is stronger than any other than runs through your BEing. This is the base dimensional timeline distortion, it is the acute trigger that has run unhindered throughout ALL of your incarnations and now as you approach the cusp of the New Earth this will be triggered over and over at deepening levels until you can see and ACKNOWLEDGE the distortion.  It is not possible to take the distorted frequency into the New Earth for it is not founded in TRUTH, it was a CREATED frequency implanted into your energy signature as part of the “karmic” wheel that you were TAUGHT under the old 3d earth paradigms was part of your learning process.

Karma is a akin to a WHEEL, it goes around in circles, there is NO expansion with this only re-triggering over and over of the distorted frequencies. This will see similar scenarios play out over and over throughout ALL of your incarnations, different cultures, different societies, different races but all with the same THEME.

Over the past linear 24/36 hours this huge trigger has unfolded for me personally. I have been more than aware of the distorted base dimensional timeline frequency that I run but never to the depth that it has run within me.  At times over the past linear 24 hours I have been totally overwhelmed by the human logical mind’s attempt to prove beyond doubt the validity of this particular frequency. This has resulted in a situation that became almost surreal, with the logical mind pulling out references and the heart continually placing the scenario at my feet and asking me to look again. As ONLY TRUTH is supported in the New Earth the distortion, the scenario that is trying to take hold, cannot take hold, it will attempt to manifest and then it will dissolve only to try to manifest and the more the logical mind gets involved the more chaos is created.

The old 3d earth trying its hardest to convince me that what I am interacting with is NOT TRUTH and yet the heart showing me that it IS TRUTH.  TRUTH JUST IS and needs no defense, this applies to SELF for often in these scenarios you will go into defense of your own actions, this shows that there is a frequency that is playing out and that needs to be dissolved. The chaos will try its hardest to move you out of your heart and back into your logical mind, where the mind waits to ambush you and to “prove” to you that what is happening is other than what you can FEEL.

I can only see through this particular smoke and mirror as I stepped back, I moved back into the heart and allowed the heart to show me TRUTH. Everytime the old earth tried to convince me otherwise I felt the familiar lower frequency residue, at times feeling very sick indeed, yet moving back into the heart, the exact OPPOSITE of what my logical mind told me to do, allowed me to find a balance and a shelter than I just could not find when invoking the logical mind.

I have posted previously that miracles are waiting to birth onto, through and within the New Earth, miracles are not entertained by the logical mind, they are a product of the HEART SPACE for the human logical mind does not understand “miracles”. These are the events and scenarios that are indescribable in human terms and so are labelled “miracles”. They come in various shapes, forms and sizes and are available to ALL at this time upon and within planet earth. It is only by staying within the heart space that I can birth the miracle that is now forming on the very edge of my vision. It eluded me completely when I was in the midst of the self created storm. I say SELF created for my SOUL is frantically trying to show me how I filter certain things out of my life.  This is not TRUTH and not supported. However the “training” undergone in the various lifetimes in various dimensional timelines I have walked in was strong and APPEARS to back up that which the frequency is trying to teach me.

It was called “training” for a reason, the training only in how to live within a CREATED REALITY based on distortion, therefore it is not REAL, for only TRUTH is REAL for it JUST IS.

At this time many of you may be in deep frustration, tossed about on a rough sea of various emotions, all trying to teach you to remain within the logical mind, that there is safety in “working things out” to a plan, a scenario or to be “ahead in the game”. All are teachings of distortion. ONLY TRUTH is manifest in the New Earth, to walk in the New Earth you must now have FULL FAITH and TRUST in SELF. If you do not then you will remain in the whirlwind that precedes the doorway out of the old 3d earth and into the New Earth and into TRUTH.

ALL is not as it appears on planet earth at this time, your human life experience was based on a CREATED reality based on distorted frequencies designed to confuse, disorientate, contain and suppress you in this your human form. In order to move fully into the New Earth you are asked to allow these frequencies to dissolve fully, standing in the LIGHT of TRUTH and having TRUST and FAITH in the process that YOUr SOUL is guiding at all moments of all moments.



Source: truthcodes