Dear friends, I am the voice of the Earth. Feel my presence here within you and beneath your feet. I am present in your body; I flow through all your cells. And it is through your body that you are connected with nature, with everything around you that grows, lives, and breathes. Become aware of the living presence of nature around you here at this moment. Feel the trees around this building, the land on which this building sets. Feel the plants, the birds, and the trees. If you observe closely, you can sense how your presence affects those living beings, as well. Not only do you sense them, they also sense you.

Trust the Earth

Even this building is alive because everything from which it was originally made contains the energies of the Earth. There is consciousness in everything around you. Matter is animated consciousness. Feel the energy, the consciousness, in this building, the history that it has and what you bring to it. You often underestimate the effect that you have just by being somewhere.

Now, sink deeper into your body. Just as you observed your surroundings with your consciousness, do this now with your body in a very objective way: feel your head, your throat, your chest. Then sink deeper into your abdomen and feel my energy – I will guide you. I welcome you when you do this. I, too, am alive; I have a consciousness of my own. Feel how I assist you by drawing you deeper into your body as you sink down along your spine into your tailbone. Feel my nurturing energy, for I am your mother. Feel me in your thighs and knees, your calves and ankles, and throughout your feet.

Today, we will remain down here in this part of your body. There is an old idea instilled in people's minds that inspiration comes from above, that deep spiritual understanding is born from a connection with the heavenly, the cosmic, that which is above you. But today I ask you to pay attention to what lies below you, the ground beneath your feet, the living Earth.

Many of you have experienced pain, disappointment, deep sadness, or loneliness, which has become lodged in your lower chakras. As a result, your awareness has ascended, along with your consciousness – it has left your body so to speak – because all the emotions you had on the earthly level were too painful for you to experience. I understand that, and I also understand how difficult it is to fully descend into an area of your body that feels so very vulnerable. It requires deep surrender, a deep faith in life.

It is very human to build up a protective armor whenever you have felt yourself seriously damaged. Still, such armor holds you back from life; it robs you from your deepest strength. And you cannot live like that, because doing so constrains you as if you were in prison. However, the flow of life, the power of the soul, is always stronger than the prisons you build within yourself. From your soul, there is always another thrust, a driving force toward opening and surrendering to life, to all there is.

The emotional wounds you have suffered are wounds that have been inflicted here on Earth. They may have happened in this life, or in past lives, but because they were sustained here on Earth, and are in your soul memory, you have come to associate Earth with a violent place, a place that is coarse, frightening, threatening. When you return here and incarnate anew, and you again hear the call of your soul – because it is unstoppable and will time and again knock on your door – you are probably able to open to this call at the level of your heart. But when you go more deeply into your body, it often becomes so frightening that you withdraw your awareness from this part of your body. Then you become a divided being. A part of you says "yes" and wants to move forward as it feels the radiance, the invitation of a new time. But the parts below the heart, the lower chakras do not dare get involved and so remain closed.

Today, I want to offer you a way to regain confidence in that part of you. I would like to point out that the fears you carry with you have originated mainly from human society in the past, with the energies that prevailed then, by which you have felt rejected and unwelcome. But remember that you also have a connection with Earth itself – with me – independent of all human thought forms and collective energies that surround the Earth. I, too, would like to liberate myself from these negative energies. I am also on a path of inner growth and evolution, and I am going through a process of rebirth. I will emerge into a new time in which there is more harmony between humans and nature. It helps both of us if you remind yourself of who I really am, of my living essence. By connecting with me, with the consciousness that is so eager to welcome you here, you erase the memories of pain from the past.

Give it a try. Allow your lower chakras, those within your abdomen and your legs to be filled with the power of the Earth. I would like to offer you something, a short guided journey, to help you feel that energy more fully. There are all kinds of nature kingdoms surrounding you, richly inhabited by diverse creatures who live on Earth. Each makes their own contribution as part of the whole. I ask you to now think of a tree, a solid, wide, well-rooted tree that has been standing there for a long time. Its crown reaches toward the sky, while its roots extend deeply into the soil. Meet with the essence of this tree, for a moment, with a light and playful feeling. Simply imagine that you sit inside the tree and, with your awareness, feel its silent, stable, grounded power. Descend into its roots. Feel how this being lives, grows, and radiates its energy on Earth. Feel what the tree has to give to you, what aspect of its energy appeals to you the most. Let that energy flow through you and receive it, and sense what the tree wants to receive from you, because in everything there is an exchange. It feels your presence, just as you feel its presence.  The tree is also a living energy and is aware of you, too. See how it experiences your visit.

I would like to tell you more about this experience. You often see yourself as the great despoiler on Earth, the one who pollutes the Earth and upsets its natural balance. That is to some extent true, because there is a deep disharmony between humans and nature at this time. But I want to remind you that I, the Earth, and all my natural kingdoms, welcome you. You are welcome on Earth. We enjoy and benefit from your presence and your energy. You come here to bring something new and exceptional: the sharing of your starlight and cosmic wisdom. In a sense, you all are visitors here. With one foot, you are part of the Earth, a physical being just like the animals and the plants. Yet at the same time, you come to Earth to bring something else, an entirely new way of being. You have freedom, a free will. You can develop; you can channel Light to Earth, something that gives a new impetus to all life here. Feel, for a moment, the interaction between humans and nature within that tree. Feel that the tree enjoys and is elated by your presence. It sets something in motion, which is simply the flow of love. That which you truly are, most deeply affects the tree. You can see that in ordinary ways in your surroundings, in your garden, in your pets. When you interact intimately with them, they then give something to you in return.

I ask you to now choose an animal that wants to come to you to clarify something. Allow it to emerge in your imagination. An animal wants to come to you to help you feel good and safe on Earth and well connected with the ground beneath you, so you are ready to manifest yourself with security and safety. The animal knows that security, that refuge. It is by nature one with the Earth, and it has no doubts about its right to exist. It simply exists, lives, breathes, and grows.

Enter with your consciousness into that animal. Allow yourself to merge with it, easily. Feel for a moment the lack of thought processes in this animal. It is not plagued by excessive thinking in the way that humans are. Feel how nature flows effortlessly through this animal. Receive what you need, whatever touches you in this animal. Feel how close it brings you to the Earth. Feel the purity, the wholesomeness of this animal. See what the animal senses about your coming here, and how you merge your energy with its energy. Feel that your energy is welcome, that it touches something in the animal, does it good, and gives it a boost. There is an interaction between you both.

What your animal asks you to do is to become familiar with the energies of nature so you will begin to feel at home on Earth, and know there is a place here for you. And to put it in stronger terms, that the nature kingdoms are waiting for you. We want to be inspired by the energy that you bring. In exchange, we want to receive you, so you can become part of our wholeness. You are so welcome here.

I am thankful for your courage and your perseverance. We are moving toward a new era on Earth. In that new era, it is essential for human beings and nature to again work together from an inner connection. Everything is conscious and wants to cooperate with each other. That is how it is meant to be. Every natural creature feels that it is part of the whole. My deepest wish is that you also know yourself to be part of the whole here on Earth. That you experience your Home, not only being of cosmic origin, but that you experience it being with the living creatures around you. Celebrate life with all there is here. That is the grand task that is before humankind today. That will bring the Earth to fruition and make you all into inspired and joyful beings.


Source: jeshua