At this time upon and within planet earth the chaos that is the dissolving of the old 3d earth is now unfolding rapidly. At any one time you will be faced with BOTH realities, that is the reality that you are personally creating and the reality that was CREATED FOR you overlaid one on top of the other. This presents various challenges for the human logical mind for within the CREATED old 3d earth reality the human logical mind was TAUGHT how to solve “puzzles”. It is no co-incidence that  ”puzzles”, “crosswords” and other “cryptic” mind material is encouraged, the more the human logical mind is invoked the STRONGER it becomes and it moves out of the balance that IS the human vehicle in TRUTH.




The human logical mind was designed to work ALONGSIDE the human HEART, the human HEART forming first in the womb, enabling the creation of the human vehicle and the seeding of the LOVE that IS within said HEART.  From birth onwards the human vehicle is encouraged to focus on the logical mind at ALL times, from the earliest childrens toys (colourful, overstimulating and provokes the interaction at LOGICAL MIND LEVEL with the outer reality) to the puzzles that children are presented with in the form of “educational toys”. ALL work to move the logical mind out of balance and take on a “control” function, thereby allowing the continuation of the CREATED outer reality for it was created in order to KEEP the human vehicle out of balance and out of the heart space.

It is also no co-incidence that WRITTEN work and puzzle solving is introduced to children in their early nursery PRE SCHOOL years, in many places across the world children are “expected” to be able to write by the age of 5 yrs old. To the developing human logical mind this is overstimulating and of course moves the human vehicle OUT of the heart space. Children in school are never asked how they FEEL, they are TAUGHT to rely on LOGIC to solve problems and are destabilised by everything presented to them, from the colours of the walls to the materials that are used in the creation of the school itself.

ALL of this is filtered out by the human race, for parents the “race” begins when the child starts nursery and the competitiveness raises its head, child compared with child all the while the filtering out of the INDIVIDUALITY of said child and the needs on ALL levels of BEing of said child. Focus being placed on the logical mind and little reference to the creativity or heart space.

So how does relate to the title of this post? well many of you at this time are using the “tools” you were TAUGHT within the early years of your life to try to solve what your logical mind is presenting to you as a “puzzle”. After all the New Earth is just a brighter, shinier version of the life you already live, yes?  This is high distortion for NOTHING within the old 3d earth paradigms was created in TRUTH. Many of you may already be triggering reading my words and the triggering will show the level of distortion that you are now being asked by YOUr SOUL to dissolve. TRUTH JUST IS, it needs no defense.

The CREATION of your outer waking reality is done through the HEART space, by focusing PURELY on the LOVE that IS and moving into the HEART at all times then the smoke and the mirrors of the old 3d earth will begin to dissolve. I have had various shall we term it “feedback” from many who are adamant that the old 3d earth is still there and that I am mistaken that it has dissolved. I would highlight again that the creation of the New Earth reality is a PERSONAL creation. ALL that holds you to the old 3d earth is the TEACHINGS that you are running deep within your cellular structure, they are a frequency that was created in order to blind you to that which is around you. By this I mean the frequencies are designed to invoke your fear reaction at all time. This sees you move into the logical mind which has NO reference point for that which is unfolding across and within planet earth at this time.  Just as many filter out strongly something they cannot see allowing the logical mind to teach something is not real until there is physical evidence, you cannot see oxygen but you breathe it at all times. You cannot see the wind but you can FEEL it and that is what I mean by moving into the HEART, to FEEL your way forward, to FEEL what the appropriate reaction is FOR YOU at any one moment.

When you are presented with a situation I would guide you to FEEL into the situation for only by FEELing it and not instinctively (born out of logic, survival skills, base chakra stimulation) reacting TO it can you work out if it is a scenario presented by the old 3d earth or one of the New Earth. Logic has NO part to play in the unfolding of the New Earth, this does not equate to pure chaos for nature is by DESIGN, the whole universe is by DESIGN, just because your human logical mind cannot comprehend the “pattern” or “structure” does not mean it is not by DESIGN, it means your human logical mind has no reference point to discern the DESIGN. In the old 3d earth you are TAUGHT that life is “karmic”, it is “chance” etc etc, this is high distortion.  Under the old 3d earth paradigms the “karmic” scenarios were CREATED FOR you by the base dimensional distorted timelines from lower dimension realities of  Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades. (ALL races/realms exist in ALL dimensional realities).

At this time you are asked to focus on the HEART space, to focus on the LOVE that IS and to move into FAITH and TRUST fully. YOU are creating ALL of this in order to show SELF at a human level that the old 3d earth is not “real”. The human logical mind has ONLY EVER existence within the old 3d earth paradigms. The HEART space is your connection out to your SOUL, which exists BEYOND the CREATED reality of old 3d earth.  One will show you how to move into the New Earth, the other will try to teach you at all times that the old 3d earth is the only thing that is real. This is not TRUTH and is not supported within the New Earth. Many of you are already experiencing the cyclical nature of this, the scenario REPEATING itself and the universe asking you to choose a different way of working with the scenario. To the human logical mind this is frustration, to the HEART space it is evidence that a karmic distorted frequency is at play and if you move into the HEART space you will FEEL its frequency, acknowledge it and then allow it to dissolve. Without a distorted frequency running it is not possible for the scenario to exist.

Focus on FEEling and illuminating the distorted frequency not on applying the solution for the scenario ITSELF is the distortion, there is no need to solve it for it is but smoke and mirrors that are appearing to be real. This allows for what is often termed MIRACLES to unfold, the only 3d overlay to explain how something can dissolve so rapidly.  Trying to “find” the solution will take you into the mind and will STRENGTHEN the frequency that is attempting to run, as it is not supported in the New Earth it will try to manifest fully but then stop and then start and then stop, never fully manifesting whilst never dissolving. The “limbo” is dissolved when you move fully into the HEART and ask to be shown the BELIEF that you are running that blurs your vision at this moment.

If ALL JUST IS what is it that YOU BELIEVE that presents the scenario to you in the way that you are perceiving it at a human level? This helps to illuminate the frequency and moves you out of the REACTION that is created by the distorted frequency, this REACTION is often felt as “panic”, “anxiety”, “dread” etc.  These are all LOW VIBRATIONAL frequencies that cannot exist within the New Earth energy signature, pouring the LOVE that IS through ALL will help you to find BALANCE for BALANCE is the key to moving from one reality to the other.



Source: truthcodes


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