ConsciousnessHuman consciousness is infinite, it is increasingly suppressed by society. Once consciousness is bigger thinking otherwise. Here you will find a nice overview of different articles that raise awareness.




The respectfulness in your soul shares a fully conscious reality where you are enjoying our natures in who I am as your Commander Ashtar, of who we are of the angelic realms, of the Galactic Council, of the Galactic Federation of Light into more paths that are divine. This divinity is encoded in your soul, in the activation that you are conscious of in seeing that in being multi dimensional, then this is a permanent reality where you are connected deeper into your true self. This is not a concept to be analyzed, this is a smooth transition into feeling the divine dedication that you are centered into, in seeing through all of the disharmony in your life with a full level of existence.

For many of you the last few days or even weeks in a linear context may have you shaking your head and wondering when life will begin to make any sense whatsoever. The outpouring of human emotion is now reaching levels that have never been experienced before in this your human form and this is DELIBERATE. For how can the human race move into FLOW and move into the LOVE that IS when they have anchored deep trauma, pain and grief. The latter frequency is one that may be walking with you at this time and this is something to be conscious of at all times.

Humanity is awakening, the signs of this marvelous advance in your spiritual evolution are to be clearly seen wherever you choose to cast your glance.  Be aware of the suffering that many are undergoing, but focus your intent on sending love, healing, and compassion to them rather than joining sympathetically in their misery and fear.  They need a lot of help and there are many people and organizations doing their utmost to provide it, but those of you far removed from the physical scene of these ongoing trials and crises can assist enormously just by intending to send love to those in need.

Dear friends, I am Jeshua and I greet you from my heart. We are here together, and by that I mean there is a merging of energies that takes place while we sit here. Imagine that the highest and most beautiful aspect of you recognizes itself in one another and increases many-fold because of that recognition. You often see in others their beauty, their inner riches, their refinement much more clearly and fully than seeing those qualities in yourself. By observing and being conscious of the other, you give that person faith and trust in themselves.

Beloved Ones, You are coming into a time of much accelerated change that will keep the world in a state of alternating and sometimes, confusing realities. It is for these times that we have been preparing each of you to always remain calm and in a state of physical, mental and emotional equilibrium, into moving forward in the mastery of your own coping mechanisms and the abilities and skills that have been honed throughout your spiritual path to becoming a dweller in the higher dimensions. This you are doing magnificently and victoriously and the results are now beginning to be felt, experienced and manifested in your individual lives.