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For many of you the last few linear days may have been very intense indeed. At times you may have questioned how you can possibly exist in a world where everything is shifting and moving and also “appearing” to stay very static. I have long blogged about “holding patterns” and attempted to explain why and how they are created. Todays blog will concentrate on boundaries, it is not TRUTH to assume that the frequency of the LOVE that IS will sort out your boundaries FOR YOU for YOU have to place them to begin with, once they are placed then the foundation of life in the New Earth is then manifested, a life without boundaries is not a foundation that can be worked with. Let me explain further.

As Thanksgiving approaches please give thanks for all that is good in your lives. There are truly none among you who do not have something to be thankful for, so go within, to that quiet safe place where you can, if you choose, access your spiritual guides and mentors and ask them to bring to your attention an event or an aspect of your life for which you are eternally grateful.  Then say “Thank you” for it. Just saying thank you is uplifting for you even if you are not feeling very thankful, because it opens you to receive the Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of Its constantly proffered embrace.

The excited anticipation as we wait enthusiastically for humanity’s imminent awakening is intensifying, moment by moment.  Yes, we can and do get excited here, especially when what we are looking forward to is of such enormous significance.  Emotions in the spiritual realms are always happy, but their intensity varies with the importance of the occasion that arouses them.  We encourage you to hold on to your enthusiasm and your excited anticipation as you too look forward to your inevitable and exhilarating moment of awakening.

Beloved Ones, As you move into the waves of change, energetically speaking, you are learning how to navigate and create end results and outcomes with more rapidity than ever before. This requires some contemplation within each of you in order for you to see and understand yourselves as creators of everything that takes place in your world. These times are glorious opportunities to bring into manifestation that which you have striven to accomplish in your individual and collective lives. This requires the letting go of limitations that have been holding you back from moving forward.

The analogy of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly is an apt one for the weight of the old 3d earth frequencies kept the human race in a HEAVY vibration, unable to lift their eyes to the heavens and unable to fly. FLIGHT is a natural process and one that DOES apply to the human race, it is no co-incidence that man has tried to fly in various ways since he appeared on the planet’s surface.  As with everything on this planet, ALL is hidden in plain view.  The NEED to be able to soar high exists within each and every human vehicle that walks upon and within Mother Earth.

You have represented great ability to cut through fiery emotions and break through hard emotional barriers, and this acts as a boost for the larger humanity as your individual consciousness effects them.  You are maturing in that you feel less of a need to prove your point, and are fully anchored in not imposing your beliefs on others, or needing to exalt and rate yourself above anyone else. Dear Ones peoples Ideas will converge in time and you will all be together as one in love and light. Optimism many times can be a cruel mistress, but we are projecting a light beam to illuminate the way to liberalization of your society and put the Dark Ones underfoot.

In the drastically changing world we find ourselves in right now, we are often inspired to dig deep in discovering more about our true selves. We see the social uprising and ever growing awareness sweeping its way across the planet -this is undeniable -but what we are also seeing is a movement of looking inward that is sending people on a conscious journey far beyond what our minds could have ever thought was possible. Breaking away the layers of programming and beliefs of who we think we are and why we do what we do, we begin to discover what could be called inherent truths that lie within us.