ConsciousnessHuman consciousness is infinite, it is increasingly suppressed by society. Once consciousness is bigger thinking otherwise. Here you will find a nice overview of different articles that raise awareness.





Beloved Ones, There are mighty signs in the heavens that humankind can no longer ignore or deny. Something big is taking place that involves not only the planet Earth but the entire cosmos. You are the conduits who are now taking on an even greater role of keeping the Earth in balance. This is a most important function of your presence here on Earth. Daily ground your roots into the crystalline diamond core of Mother Earth and as you feel the Earth’s energies rising upwards through your column of light, connect into the great diamond in the great central sun. This intention will bring the energies of the higher dimensions into the Earth’s core and spread out in concentric circles throughout the planet through each of you.

Selacia's 2014 predictions

Of all the recent years to date, 2014 is the year when you will feel a ceaseless urge to become more empowered and more skilled to cope with a world in the death throes of an unprecedented paradigm shift. It won’t feel like a coasting year to you, and it won’t be. Not that you really want to coast along in life – as a divine changemaker you truly want change and the new opportunities it brings. In fact, your destined role is to be at the forefront of society’s transformational changes. In that role, you wouldn’t be happy standing back as an observer, complaining and acting as though you had no power to co-create the new more loving Earth you want.

 Near-death experiences

Near-death experiences (as the name already expresses) are experiences that people get, when they are almost dead. This especially happens to people with a cardiac arrest or an other critical experience, by which they are very near to death. Often this occurs after an accident. But it can also happen to people who have come on the brink of death by a disease. Rarely near-death experiences also occur to people who are not in danger of life. In the experience their spirit leaves the body. Sometimes they see then themselves lying on their beds, while they feel nothing anymore of pain or illness. After that they can have the experience, that they are pulled up. Immaterial as they are then they are going straight through the roof and arrive in a sort of tunnel.

Your world today is undergoing slow growth and high unemployment with ironically rising prices, but this is malleable and easily put right by cutting short the underhanded and unseen economy. By this many have grown rich and taken their money off shore, but the fact is they will have to answer for their actions, as the truth is being spelled out. The decay of the past can then give way as you collectively learn to look below the surface façade to find what is actually on offer. This can also be applied to the self, to love and value self for who you are on the inside, and not just for what appears to grace the surface.

Overcome the crisis with love

When we read the newspaper or watch television we know a storm is raging over the earth. Everything and everybody is shaking on its foundations right now. Countries, companies and citizens are suffering from high debt, cost of living is rising and jobs are at risk. Should we hide ourselves and hope that the storm dies down naturally, or can we turn the stormy wind in our favor? Sitting back doesn’t solve anything, meeting the challenge gives us the opportunity to create a new life, a life in which we stand strong together.

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL upon and within planet earth at this time, a time of VAST energetic shift and change and a shift that is now BEing harnessed and anchored by ALL EMMISSARIES OF LIGHT upon and within planet earth.  The “timing” in the linear context to help ALL for ALL is not as it appears upon and within planet earth.  The coding required by a race that has walked in darkness, containment and suppression for aeons is vast, for ALL are upon and within planet earth in various human forms and ALL human vehicles require to be upgraded and expanded in order for them to harness, anchor and work with the VAST LIGHT that now shines across and within planet earth.  For in TRUTH ALL ARE LIGHT in the UNIVERSE OF 3.

When we look at the recent events on earth, we are surprised. Despite the fact that a lot of people allready life in light, darkness still exists on a large scale. Rich people are getting richer, fighters still fighting on. How can we handle this, what can we do? Do we need to take action and figth the dark forces, or is there another way? One that is less obvious, one we have to teach ourselves again. This story is a plea for the power of forgiveness and gratitude. A force that is released when we look at the broad context of life.