ConsciousnessHuman consciousness is infinite, it is increasingly suppressed by society. Once consciousness is bigger thinking otherwise. Here you will find a nice overview of different articles that raise awareness.




Over the centuries we have gotten different insights about geometry and frequency. They fall on their place like pieces of a giant puzzle. With the dawn of a new era is this geometric puzzle almost finished. We discover the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency and form. How can we use this language? With whom will we communicate? We are ready to answer the call (again)? We look for the similarities and connections between ancient peoples and places, and look at how geometry and sound one of the biggest mysteries on planet Earth help unravel.

Beloved Ones, The high energy of love pours down upon your planet as the people celebrate with their families and loved ones. This is the magical time of year when everyone believes in all possibilities and that the good will that is manifest will make all things right in the world. Love abounds deep within each soul and each earnestly desires and looks forward to a symbolic new beginning in the coming New Year. Much has changed in the year that is past and as the people look back in review, they will feel astonished at all that has occurred.

 Change Your Words, Change Your World (Video)

This 2-minute short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. Words can create love or hate, tears or smiles, harmony or chaos, war or peace. Discover the power of transforming your own words. “The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” -Terence McKenna “Words have the power to both destroy, and heal. When words are both true and kind, they can change our world.” -Buddha

Many of you at this time may be in total frustration and chaos. The overlay of the New Earth working to pull you into your heart space AT ALL times whilst the old 3d earth maintaining or trying to maintain its hold on your LOGIC.  It is vital that at this time you find and try to maintain BALANCE. This is found by being in your HEART space AND your logical mind but allowing one to reference the other. By this I mean you allow your logical mind to reference the HEART space and NOT the other way around. If you try to anchor that which your logical mind is trying to teach you then you will lower your energetic signature and may descend into the hall of mirrors of the old 3d earth once more.

Over the course of time there have been a number of historical figures whose legacy has been primarily overrun by criticism. No matter the creativity behind the concepts they helped bring to life, certain actions or perspectives instead dictate their entire reputation. Wilhelm Reich is of no exception to this.  Born in Austria in 1897, Reich used his 60-year life to establish himself as a radical figure in the realms of sexuality and psychiatry. Despite his incredible work both as an author and neuropsychiatrist, Reich is most recognized for his theories surrounding orgone energy.

December is a perfect time to take stock of where you are and consider what you want to create next year.Your understanding of December's energies can help you make the most of this taking stock and planning. After all, each time cycle has its own energies. To be optimally resourced, you want to become mindful of this month's opportunities and potential roadblocks.The ancients knew about the power of self-reflection and inner contemplation this time of year. They had a deep understanding of the need to connect and work with the Earth's natural cycles. They appreciated the value of taking a time-out before the close of a year to slow down and go on input from spirit.

Dear ones, we see much more hope and light rising from the earth.  You do not sense this as we do, because  you are in the midst of it. News and media for the most part report only negative events many of which which when understood on a deeper level, are actually clearings.    The earth, dear Gaia, who is a living soul...carries  pockets of ancient energy still resonating upon her. These must be cleared in order to allow in the higher Light energies  of ascension.  All is proceeding according to plan both within and without, so try not to judge outer appearances by third dimensional standards.