INSIDE of me I SEE that I am walking in an area filled with water; but it is only inches deep. INSIDE of me I SEE the water is blue like turquoise and shimmering like diamonds. I can see the tiled floor too and this patterned with black and white glossy type. INSIDE of me I SEE that there is something inside this water; as I concentrate surprisingly I see that there are embryo’s in a white sac floating inside this water. INSIDE of me I SEE there are millions of these and I knew instantly that something inside of me was been born. This change was something that was opening up, perhaps an insight or an opening of my DNA to a psychic awareness.



INSIDE of me I SEE I began to look around and find where exactly I was; but all I could see was this blue water still only inches deep

THEN in the distance I can see a cloud which is like a coral pink over the horizon; it is just floating across the water but it is getting bigger and bigger

INSIDE of me I SEE myself walking towards this cloud and again I was there at an instant. I must have travelled this distance in a second

INSIDE of me I SEE the cloud is bigger then I thought and it is a soft orangey pinkish colour; it surrounds me completely and I notice that I have diamond skin

Somehow my skin was all covered with a diamond shield and I felt this was to protect me from something; I wasn’t sure but my instincts kept this thought and began to surface again in my mind. I believed this to be true

INSIDE of me I SEE the diamond skin is an irregular patch that covers even my face; it is clear diamond and I notice they were stitched up to the other patches like a cloth

THEN it began to make sense I was now in my diamond consciousness and awareness; I began to look around

INSIDE of me I SEE a red ball about the size of a tennis ball, float towards me. I hold it my hand and it disappears

INSIDE of me I SEE the cloud too had lifted and the scene had changed all around me, the water had gone

INSIDE of me I SEE a huge palace with steeples and arches; it is beautifully decorated and describing it was difficult. There was so much detail to the architecture of the building and yet my senses could not comprehend what I was seeing; as though words began to fail and numbness came over me

I was seeing something majestic and something my intellect could not see in detail and work though my senses.

I stood in silence letting the images flash through my head; I even said to myself several times to calm the racing thoughts in my mind. I needed to focus BUT wherever I was it was difficult


INSIDE of me I SEE that I was in a higher frequency or dimensional area and my thoughts needed time to adjust to this wave

YET I felt that I was blinded by seeing such a masterful palace that somehow needed time for my brain to reach this frequency.

I closed my eyes and sat down crossed legged on the ground;

THEN a voice called out it was firm yet gentle too;

“Stand UP, Dear Soul and open your eyes and come closer”

INSIDE of me I SEE myself opening my eyes slowly and I could see a door; my eyes had noticed an orangey pinkish door that had a chrome knocker. I began to walk towards this door

INSIDE of me I SEE a symbol of the door; it was like an emblem that was carved in a circular outer frame which was golden

This emblem had a small bird with an olive twig in its beak. It was in flight and heading towards a tree that had large fruit hanging from the branches

THEN the voice called out again, “COME CLOSER”

As I come close to the door I realise the door ward a swirly pattern all over it; I push the door open and go through

INSIDE of me I SEE a huge gas cloud that was beating; I knew it was my consciousness, perhaps my diamond consciousness

It was beating calmly and each time it an electric current would race through the cloud, like lightning. The colour of the cloud too would change then revert back to its white colour

I began to walk closely until I was looking directly at it and somehow I was tired and needed a break

THEN a part of this cloud came out and made a hand; this hand began to wipe my face and neck. I felt revitalised and then it began to wipe my head and instantly my head began to come alive

THEN slowly it went back and joined this cloud

INSIDE of me I SEE myself beginning to understand WHY I was here

I needed to bridge the gap between my levels of consciousness into ONE consciousness and that I may start using it. I understood THIS was ME entering this door to finally CONNECT t my higher levels

INSIDE of me I SEE myself being happy and thankful; I knew inside to that there would be still many journeys to SEE

INSIDE of me I SEE everything began to fade away and my vision too

The Inner sight of the soul by Shazi

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