Over the course of time there have been a number of historical figures whose legacy has been primarily overrun by criticism. No matter the creativity behind the concepts they helped bring to life, certain actions or perspectives instead dictate their entire reputation. Wilhelm Reich is of no exception to this.  Born in Austria in 1897, Reich used his 60-year life to establish himself as a radical figure in the realms of sexuality and psychiatry. Despite his incredible work both as an author and neuropsychiatrist, Reich is most recognized for his theories surrounding orgone energy.


Orgone energy, a term coined by Reich himself, is best described as a life force energy that can be found everywhere, even on the surface of the earth. This energy, Reich believed, was capable of healing the sick, optimizing body function and even adjusting weather formation. Despite being naturally occurring and present to some degree on nearly everything, Reich was determined to somehow harness the energy in larger doses. What he developed was the Orgone Accumulator, a box constructed of organic and metal materials that collectively attracted and radiated orgone energy to the center of the box.  orgoneTo receive treatment patients would simply enter the box and remain seated within it for a given period of time. Naturally through the breathing process of the lungs and the porous nature of skin, the patient would absorb a substantial dosage of the energy. Reich’s scientific observation of his patients would conclude an undeniable improvement in the overall function of the body. The main concept behind the increased exposure is that it was capable of clearing any energetic blockages that existed within the body. Blockages that would often be associated with major disease or illness, including cancer.

Unfortunately, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Reich’s incredible work with orgone energy was tarnished greatly by some of his other endeavors and beliefs. Another theory Reich held in great regard was the power of the orgasm in releasing blockage creating emotions from the muscles of the body. Reich regularly stood by the ideas of sexual liberation and even is said to have opened several sex counseling clinics. Being the 1920’s the general consensus of humanity was strongly opposed to any form of sexual liberation outside of the accepted family structure. Despite this, Reich was known to regularly go around delivering sex-education pamphlets, as well openly talking to teenagers and adults about his theories while a partnered gynecologist would privately provide women with contraceptives. This activity quickly put Reich and his work under even heavier watch and public scrutiny, however despite this he continued forward with his theories and work.

Reich continued to treat patients regularly and in 1941 he attempted to make his proven success public by stating that he had secretly cured several individuals through the experiments he had been conducting in private. In December of that same year, Reich was arrested and held for 3 weeks, eventually being released but placed under continual surveillance. From this point forward the FDA conducted a series of investigations towards orgone energy and its use. These investigations eventually led to an imposed visit to Reich’s lab, something he was always strongly opposed to. The FDA concluded that orgone energy was non-existent and that Reich’s work needed to be stopped. As a result of this, all existing devices needed to be destroyed in addition to any material that supported or helped to create it’s existence. In 1954, Reich was once again placed in jail for his continued work with orgone energy and what were now government-banned devices. Reich eventually died in his jail cell in 1957. As part of his last living testament Reich asked for his work to be sealed for 50 years, hoping that by the year 2007 the world would feature a better landscape to support his work.  Now in the year 2013, orgone energy is once again beginning to garner new life and support. Several websites have even gone as far as instructing individuals in how to go about building their own orgone accumulator.

Whether you feel pulled to do further research on orgone energy or not, Wilhelm Reich’s story is certainly quite interesting. Whether or not orgone energy is as influential and capable as his theories and work suggest, it wouldn’t be the first time that something beneficial to humanity was blanketed by those in power. It’s great to see that even in the 1950’s, individuals such as Wilhelm were able to look ahead towards the time that we are in now as a key moment in global change and awakening. A time where no matter how much public scrutiny something may receive, many of us are still looking and thinking outside of the box.

I personally appreciate most of the theories behind orgone energy, particularly those surrounding the power in releasing emotional blockages. Whether or not a particular device is needed to properly release these, I’m sure that for many individuals working with one may help in doing so. Today, there are numerous devices and products readily sold based on the principles of orgone energy, these include but are not limited to: orgone pyramids, orgone zappers, orgone magnets and orgone clocks. (To see and discover more about these various products I suggest you check out the following link: OrgoneProducts.Org) I hope that this article is a starting point to some of your own research towards orgone energy and any other alternative energies that may for the most part be kept from the public spectrum.




Source: collective-evolution


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