The analogy of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly is an apt one for the weight of the old 3d earth frequencies kept the human race in a HEAVY vibration, unable to lift their eyes to the heavens and unable to fly. FLIGHT is a natural process and one that DOES apply to the human race, it is no co-incidence that man has tried to fly in various ways since he appeared on the planet’s surface.  As with everything on this planet, ALL is hidden in plain view.  The NEED to be able to soar high exists within each and every human vehicle that walks upon and within Mother Earth.


At this time many of you may FEEL as if you have reached a very deep, dark place, unable to see any light and the analogy that I would use is that you are within the cocoon stage of this your human life experience.

There is much written about the “ascension” process, the word itself implying a “rise” much like flight.  The ascension process is one that sees you physically alter your human vehicle, this is necessary in order to download and process the multi dimensional frequencies and information that is now available to you in this, your human form.  (see “yesterdays” blog).  The need to understand and to appreciate that your human vehicle is changing is vital at this time, just because you cannot see into your human vehicle does not mean it is not changing. Many of you may be FEELing the effects of the energetic upgrades and be going through various “symptoms” that you are placing at the feet of “colds”, “flu” etc. Many of you may be FEELing very “spaced” out or dizzy and all is a by product of a human vehicle that is now changing how it INTERACTS with the frequencies that exist around, through and within it. To view yourself only as a solid form is to walk in the teachings of distortion, you are not your human vehicle, it is merely your housing for this your human life experience.

The caterpillar eats leaves and moves slowly, it consumes vast quantities of food before then spinning its cocoon and then beginning the TRANSFORMATION process that sees it morph into a butterfly. On moving out of the cocoon and living life as a butterfly its diet changes radically, no longer feeding on leaves or moving slowly. Instead feeding on pollen and flying with the LIGHTest of touches from flower to flower. This analogy is used deliberately in order to help you further align with and anchor the process that YOU in your human form are now progressing through.

Much like the butterfly the change in diet is needed in order to maintain LIGHTness of BEing and many are approaching this from the view of human health, I would ask ALL at this time to simply honour the human vehicle and its needs, for it was created to be SELF HEALING and SELF REPAIRING.  The teachings of the old 3d earth working to TEACH you that this is not the case and teaching you to turn your power over to someone who is NOT YOU.  ONLY YOU inhabit your human vehicle each moment of each moment and as such ONLY YOU KNOW your human vehicle inside out. The old 3d earth frequencies are/were harsh on the human vehicle, working to break down the natural cycles that exist within the human vehicle.  From contraceptive hormones designed to alter the natural female reproductive cycle to anti-depressants designed to alter the entire chemical structure of the human logical mind.  Pharmaceuticals work to DISRUPT the natural healing and repairing cycles that take place NATURALLY within the human vehicle.

As you move through the transformation process many of you may begin to have reactions to food and to drugs that you gave very little notice or thought to and this is YOUr human vehicle beginning its reparation in TRUTH, for HEALTH is the NATURAL state of the human vehicle. Illness and even ageing are CREATED frequencies that work to breakdown the cycles within the human vehicle.  At this time I would guide ALL to become more consciously aware of all that is consumed and the effects that it has on your human vehicle. Making conscious decisions to honour your human vehicle will see you come into balance at BOTH an energetic level and a physical level. BOTH are needed to find and maintain balance. It is from balance that YOU work to anchor the New Earth frequencies and allow the old 3d earth frequencies to dissolve and leave your human vehicle at cellular level.

At this time upon and within planet earth ALL is not as it appears. Like the caterpillar beginning the TRANSFORMATION process YOU are asked to BE, to allow the process to unfold NATURALLY and to understand that YOU are moving from ONE form to another in the physical representation that YOU have chosen on incarnation upon/within this planet.



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