I had a very different Christmas than usual. Instead of spending it with family and friends I ended up in a bar in Thailand run by 2 Aussies surrounded by about 30 expats from all over the world.  Beer was flowing and the mood was fantastic, there must have been 3 or 4 different conversations happening around a few tables but my ears pricked up when when I heard someone say Rothschild.  The Fed was being discussed and from there the discussion moved onto 9/11, Vaccines, media manipulation etc etc . Every now and then you get a nutter or 2 (myself included) that likes to bring this stuff up but what really surprised me was the fact that every single person in the bar knew exactly what was happening!!!!


Not 1 person there was unaware that the elites are bending us over and doing us roughly without lube.

It was a very diverse group, Aussies, Poms, Yanks, Sth Africans, Germans, Kiwis, Frenchies, Japanese and a few others.

The only thing that people were in disagreement about in a 3 hour discussion was whether it was planes or missiles that hit the twin towers, everything else everyone already knew and all there were able to add to the discussion.

We use the term sheeple alot and wonder when others will "wake up", I think more people than we can imagine are "awake" but due to fear of being ridiculed or considered a conspiracy nut its not something that is discussed openly.

So what Im wondering is how we can make these discussions more mainstream and show others out there that they are not alone in their awareness and then what can we do about the state of affairs short of armed revolution (which I do not advocate) to change things?

It was a great Christmas and gave me a sincere feeling of "Its not too late"

What do we think?