For many of you the last few linear days may have been very intense indeed. At times you may have questioned how you can possibly exist in a world where everything is shifting and moving and also “appearing” to stay very static. I have long blogged about “holding patterns” and attempted to explain why and how they are created. Todays blog will concentrate on boundaries, it is not TRUTH to assume that the frequency of the LOVE that IS will sort out your boundaries FOR YOU for YOU have to place them to begin with, once they are placed then the foundation of life in the New Earth is then manifested, a life without boundaries is not a foundation that can be worked with. Let me explain further.

The human word boundaries may conjure  up various images for you and most of them will be highly distorted for the old 3d earth paradigms sought to keep you within certain boundaries to prevent your expansion. In the New Earth you are asked to place energetic boundaries within your foundation in order to EXPAND and the difference is immense.

I have had various lessons in this over the last few linear days in my personal life.  In order to create the life of YOUr dreams YOU must nurture YOUr dreams and pour the LOVE that IS through them but YOU must also place clear boundaries of what YOU will and will not accept as YOUr reality. This may sound almost back to front but everything on planet earth is a mirror and you must turn it back on itself to find TRUTH.

For many of you at this time this may resonate, for many walk the earth believing that radiating out the LOVE that IS and not being mindful of that which is absorbed FROM those around them is the way to work with this energy. It is one thing to radiate LIGHT but as you radiate it out you must place energetic boundaries that prevent ANYTHING that is not LIGHT from being absorbed back into the human vehicle. After all in order to radiate fully you must be surround by, anchored in and walk within LIGHT. As YOU are all aware at this time the old 3d earth paradigms are dissolving and as they dissolve they give off a residue, an echo if you will of a lower dimensional frequency. This will trigger any deeply held teachings that you are running and blind to and will allow for a lowering of your frequency.

In my own personal life I have many who state that they wish only the best for me but their actions have shown me otherwise. This is not intentional and conscious from their point of view but my actions and my creations in the New Earth trigger many. I am walking a path that many consider to be impossible and that is in defiance of all the rules that are in place on the planet. I am not here to follow any “rules”, I am here to BE ME and this triggers many at various levels.  It is to be noted that this latest lesson was a particularly deep one and one that I have now anchored and begun to work with.  DREAMS are created from the LOVE that IS and must be anchored in the LOVE that IS, they must be nurtured at all times. Do not allow others to interrupt or to energetically interfere with anything that YOU create and manifest.

This is not to say that YOU come from a place of fear for that is not TRUTH and is not supported. The LOVE that IS knows no boundaries, no colour, no race etc, so it will CONTINUE to FLOW even when you place your energetic boundaries in place. The energetic boundaries are in place purely to help you avoid the residue from the dissolving 3d earth paradigms. For many of you are walking a path similar to my own where those around you do not accept you for who YOU ARE in TRUTH and will try their utmost to place their fears, their beliefs and their experiences at your feet as proof to YOU that YOUr creation is not real and cannot be lived. This is not TRUTH and will result in a holding pattern for BOTH PARTIES. That is the person who is placing the “proof” at your feet and YOU if you allow them to do this.

At this time much is shifting and moving on ALL levels of YOUr BEing, it is not TRUTH to assume that ALL who appear to walk in LIGHT have fully anchored LIGHT to ALL levels of their BEing, hence the guidance over and over to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF at all times.  For many are still placing their TRUST in the opinions and views of OTHERS AROUND THEM. As I have guided and blogged repeatedly the only person who is living YOUr life on this planet is YOU, therefore the only person who can manifest YOUr dream is YOU.  The old 3d earth paradigms encouraged you to have opinions about others and for them to listen to and anchor your views on their life experience. This led to a very distorted and very low frequency from which you then tried to create and manifest from within.

This is not TRUTH and is not supported in any way in the New Earth.  My creations and manifestations are my personal dreams and they are manifested in TRUTH at all times. Where they are placed in a holding pattern they are looked at again and any energetic blocks created by myself or other people are then removed, this allows for clarity of vision to new levels. I would guide YOU at this time if you are in a holding pattern to look beyond the dream YOU are trying to manifest and widen the picture, who is it involved in the DREAM? are they TRUTH? for only TRUTH is supported, any part of the dream you are manifesting that is not TRUTH CANNOT MANIFEST and will stay in a holding pattern.

At this time upon planet earth there is an echo from the old 3d earth that is now gaining in strength as many trigger as those around them begin to manifest what they have been TAUGHT cannot be lived. This is a very deep and old programme from the old 3d earth, it helped contain and entire race for aeons. Understand that ALL dreams can be manifest and look carefully to your actions at this time, are YOU energetically preventing those around YOU from manifesting unconsciously? for ALL DREAMS that are TRUTH will now manifest in TRUTH in the New Earth.


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