When we read the newspaper or watch television we know a storm is raging over the earth. Everything and everybody is shaking on its foundations right now. Countries, companies and citizens are suffering from high debt, cost of living is rising and jobs are at risk. Should we hide ourselves and hope that the storm dies down naturally, or can we turn the stormy wind in our favor? Sitting back doesn’t solve anything, meeting the challenge gives us the opportunity to create a new life, a life in which we stand strong together.


Overcome the crisis with love

The economy is sputtering worldwide and politics cann’t solve the problem in a convincing way. The statue of Father State, caring for his children, shakes on his pedestal. Lack of vision and independence do the effectiveness and credibility of politics any good. Self-interest and greed damages the image of companies. What can we, ordinary citizens, do? Bury our head in the ground or blindly follow figures who claim to have a solution. Maybe something else?

There is a third option: to overcome the crisis together. This is the hardest of the three, because we have to take our responsibility. Waiting, criticizing and following others won’t help, rolling up our sleeves does. This option is worth serious consideration, because the proceeds of a concerted effort is many times greater than material prosperity. By joining forces we can uplift life on earth to a higher level and create a loving and harmonious world.

If we want to overcome the crisis, we have to learn to cooperate. But a collaboration isn’t a matter of simply switching a button in our head. If rational motives underlie the cooperation, we miss the change to uplift life on earth. Frustrations will arise, results will be disappointing and the risk of relapsing into old, selfish patterns is enormous. For a strong and long-term cooperation we need something else.

Real cooperation is a product of the heart. Only when we open our hearts, a sincere and constructive collaboration can occur. Our hearts contain the necessary building blocks, such as forgiveness, gratitude, unconditional love and compassion. With these stones we can build a harmonious and peaceful world, a world where large-scale conflicts, devastating wars and ruthless plundering belong to the past.

But how do we get access to the source of love in our hearts? On command, perhaps? If we are successful, the source will probably dry up at the first setback. To open our hearts completely and forever we have to follow a long road, which leads us to the fear in our head and pain in our belly. Anxious thoughts and emotions are often blocking a solid cooperation. When we get rid of these blockages, we can shake hands sincerely.

Is there love in our heads? Not always. Loving thoughts are often overshadowed by fear. Who is brave enough to follow his heart and ignore the voice in his head, which highlights the impact on our mortgage and pension? We fear shortage and we’re afraid of being declared insane. If fear is feeding our thoughts, we tend to put our own interest above the general interest. For a solid cooperation we have to get rid of the fearful thoughts in our heads.

Is there love in our belly? Not always. When the butterflies are gone after an infatuation, fear, anger and sadness will automaticly pop up again. These emotions can cause a trail of destruction in our lives. If these emotions determine our behavior, we exhibit in times of crises destructive behavior in stead of constructive behavior. So for a solid cooperation we have to let go of the uncomfortable emotions in our belly.

Life isn’t a fact, it’s a product of our choices. As long as fear and pain determine our choices, we can not overcome the crisis in a way we all benefite. Taking responsibility means that we break down the blockages inside of us. And the crisis is helping us! Thanks to the current uncertain situation, deeply hidden fear, anger and sadness come to the surface. And coming to the surface gives us the opportunity to let go.

The crisis helps us to dissolve the fearful thoughts in our head. We experience that our happiness doesn’t depend on high qualifications, hard work and numerous friendships. Even without a fat bank account, an executive job and a thousand facebook friends we can be happy. We also find out that we don’t have to controll every aspect of our life and that giving is more satisfying than taking. These eye openers will relieve the tension in our head.

Thanks to the crisis, we can also release the painful emotions in our belly. We are experiencing right now that the world we have created offers false securities. All securities have become uncertain in a relative short time. After expressing our anger, we can relax. After drying our tears, we can store away our handkerchiefs. By realising that we don’t have to stay angry and sad for ever, we can take new steps in good spirits.

The crisis gives us the chance to become loving human beings. By rolling up our sleeves and dissolve the old ballast in our selves, we automatically create space for the love in our hearts. Our head will be filled with loving and inspiring ideas, our belly with warm feelings and joy. So the individual healing process is the basis for a sincere and constructive cooperation, it is the beginning of a harmonious life in which we stand strong together.

If we try to solve the crisis with scenarios based on fear, we build unstable constructions. Solving the crisis with emotions, means that we all become losers. However, if we overcome the crisis with love, we will create a peaceful and harmonious life. A bank manager who opens his heart, will not be selfish and greedy. A politician who opens his heart, will not be short-sighted and unfair. A citizen who opens his heart, will not hide from fear or laziness. They all search for new ways of living and they all share their findings with each other.

Ismaël Sananda


Bron: New Earth Creation

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