Many are unable to accept the miracles that are attempting to birth through, around and within them at this time.  Miracles are that which seems “impossible” and I would guide you strongly to understand that NOTHING is impossible, you have merely been taught over and over again to believe that something is impossible.  This blog may  trigger many of you, for many of you may also fall to the teachings of illusion that seek to teach you that someone writing a blog such as this has it all figured out. I am in human form and as such have work to do as ALL have work to do, that work is to clear the debris of the old 3d earth paradigms as it comes up for release within me.




There is never a moment when you can sit back and say “ok I have reached all I can reach” for the New Earth is about EXPANSION.  You may reach levels of awareness that challenge you at a human conscious waking mind level and this is part of the birthing into the New Earth process. For how can you explore and expand in a New World if you do not allow the walls to come down, the walls always a VIBRATION that you were TAUGHT to build around SELF.  Many at this time are now falling in vibration due to the chaos that seeks to envelope them at a personal level. Yet that chaos is your SHELTER during the birthing process. For the old 3d earth seeks to FIND you at all times, it needs to KNOW where you are vibrationally in order to keep you contained, it uses those around you in human form to achieve this for the human race has been taught how to contain and suppress EACH OTHER under the old 3d earth paradigms.

How often do you hear someone in your human life experience say to you “you CAN’T do that ” and then immediately begin to explain why or how you CAN? the explanation is NEVER needed, for you are not here to justify yourself, to defend yourself or hide yourself, you are here to BE.  Many of you at this time are spending vast amounts of energy defending and explaining yourself and this is something I would guide for you to dissolve. NO ONE sits in judgement of YOU, the old 3d earth has merely set up the smoke and mirrors for it to appear that they do. How can someone sit in judgement of you when they are not you? how can they FEEL how you FEEL when they are not within your human vehicle? It is illusion to assume that someone else can FEEL how you FEEL, it is not possible for each human vehicle has its own way of working with the energetic frequencies, perception is PERSONAL and always has been. If it were not then you would not have incarnated upon this planet, the different perspectives of the human life experience would have been negated.

In a world that is now constantly shifting and moving there are many different ways of working at various levels. The New Earth is founded in the vibration of TRUTH, ALL that is not TRUTH will dissolve and ALL that IS WILL REMAIN. It is the remaining that needs to be focused upon, at this time many of you are focusing on that which is dissolving. This will work to lower your frequency and will seek to blind you to the miracles that are attempting to birth around you, within you and through you at this time.

If you are reading this blog and thinking “i cant manifest miracles” then you are walking in the teachings of illusion, the fact that you are walking in human form upon this planet is your first miracle, from this ALL ELSE FLOWS.  LIFE is created through you, within you and around you at ALL TIMES.  Let me give you an example of this in the New Earth frequencies. As you walk down the street and you pass other human vehicles your human logical mind will try to teach you that each one of them is part of your life experience. This is NOT TRUTH, these are other human vehicles who for that moment of NOW have overlapped their existence on this planet with yours. They do not exist in the same dimensional reality that you do until you converse with them, your human logical mind will at all times try to filter out my words so I would guide you to process my words through your heart space. Until you interact with another human vehicle they are walking in their own dimensional reality.  This allows for the human race to live in a reality that APPEARS to be solid but is not solid. Working with this will allow you to create even more miracles as you begin to anchor that NOTHING IS REAL on this planet. It appears to be real but can be changed in a heartbeat, what changes it? your PERCEPTION of that which is occurring at that particular moment.

For many upon this planet this is a time of apparent chaos that is created by those who are awake and working at this level and DISCONNECTING from the assumption that the reality is solid. I personally work to challenge all that is presented to me at each moment, life over the past few linear weeks has shown me how to be present in the NOW to new levels, as I have worked with this I have managed to create spaces within spaces and created to new levels. It is to begin with something that your human logical mind will try to teach you is madness but TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.

To help you with this concept take the glass half full analogy. Some of you will perceive the glass as half full, some of you will perceive the glass as half empty, some of you will perceive that the glass only exists as an overlay to help you understand that the liquid is in the glass and so it goes on, there are so many different perceptions and ALL ARE PERSONAL.

To give you another example I was in the cinema the other day, when I walked in and sat down my perception was the cinema was very warm indeed.  Then another person walked past and sat down a few rows in front and said loudly “wow its freezing in here”. Now the logical human mind will try to teach me that both realities cannot exist, so for me to be warm the other person had to be ill or be “wrong”. It will try to create DUALITY at all times, for it has been taught to reference DUALITY. In TRUTH ALL JUST IS.  All that differed between me and the other person was our PERCEPTION of what was around us and this will always be PERSONAL.

At this time you are asked to take responsibility for how you PERCEIVE your outer waking reality, this will begin to shift as you allow TRUTH to anchor fully within your human vehicle, for in TRUTH ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE.


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