As many of you may now be experiencing the New Earth energies are once more increasing rapidly. The energies combined with the FULL MOON are working to help pull all that needs to be dissolved from within you to the surface. At all times it is YOUr choice as to whether you interact with these frequencies or you detach, allow yourself to become the observer and allow them to be released.  It is to be recognised that the old 3d earth frequencies will also try to pull at your energy signature and again YOU have a choice as to whether to interact or RE-FOCUS your energies.


Imagine if you will that the old 3d earth paradigms are a CHILD in the playground, the New Earth energies are a NEW CHILD in the playground. Both playgrounds exist TOGETHER at this time.  They overlap, the far edges of the playgrounds do not overlap.  The old 3d earth CHILD is attempting to persuade you to stay in the part of the playground they have control over, since they have been in the playground longer they ASSUME that their VOICE is the only voice.  As with all interactions between children there will be a sort of “sussing” each other out going on.  The New Earth Child (in this analogy) has no intention of listening to the old 3d earth Child, it has NEW ways of doing things that are completely different to what has gone on in this playground before.

 At this time many of you are standing in the old playground listening to the VERY LOUD voice of the old 3d earth child who is trying to keep you to their part of the playground.  As you move towards the overlapping piece of playground the old 3d earth child will RAISE their voice in an attempt to keep you in sight and also within ear shot. In this analogy the old 3d earth child has great fear of the other playground, it has never gone there before and besides this playground has existed longer so why would anyone want to go visit the other one?

Under this analogy the old 3d earth child will move into full BULLY mode, when more and more within the human race begin to walk to the overlapping piece of the playground or further still then the BULLY will swing into action.  In this analogy shouting and stamping of feet and trying to CONTROL are all that this child has, remember they are a CHILD, negotiations in playgrounds dont often happen at an adult level. Hair pulling, stamping of feet and a lot of shouting is the norm.

Now in this analogy many of you may be listening to the voice of the old 3d earth child, the voice may be VERY LOUD indeed and it may be in an accent that you recognise, it will certainly be in a TONE that you recognise. The New Earth child is from out of town (in this analogy), never having been here before and with a different TONE and a potentially different accent. One that you will need to become more accustomed to but one that you cannot hear at times over the shouting of the old 3d earth child.

In this analogy the only way to hear the New Earth child is to walk towards them, as you walk towards them then the voice of the old 3d earth child will lessen, albeit it may carry quite far. If you remain in the “old” playground it will become more and more challenging to hear the New Earth for the voice will get louder the more “children” move towards the middle of the playground, in this analogy this is where the two overlap and where many of you are now standing energetically. The old 3d earth child will try its best to have you walk back to the old playground and no amount of co-ersion from YOU will persuade it to move. It is not allowed to move into the middle or past that point because the rules of the playground state that only LOVE is allowed to move to this playground.

I use this analogy to help you better understand the context in which YOU may now be living. The old 3d earth child is having a tantrum and like all children who have tantrums the more you give in the harder it is NEXT TIME they throw the same tantrum over the same subject to get them to listen.  In TRUTH you are not here to get them to listen but to walk into the middle of the playground and beyond. However the old 3d earth has TAUGHT you that you must at all times adhere to and pander to this old 3d earth child. The old 3d earth child has been devoid of LOVE, it has been TAUGHT control, fear, hate and other lower dimensional frequencies.  It has created a BULLY that is intent on causing as much pain and fear to those around them. The only way to work with this 3d earth child is to pour the LOVE that IS THROUGH it.  YOU cannot use words, for words will become twisted and the child will not listen. LOVE IS THE ANSWER, NO MATTER THE QUESTION.

Much as you would not entertain a child who is in fully BULLY MODE WHILST THEY ARE IN FULL SWING of this mode, the New Earth asks that you stand firm in the LIGHT of TRUTH.   A child in full tantrum mode is NOT LISTENING, it cannot listen, it is out of control and for many of you who are parents you will recognise that to try to interact with a child in full swing of an emotional outburst is a waste of energy.  All that happens is that both parties get pulled into the chaos of emotion. However when the tantrum has passed and all are calmer then the child can be approached and it explained to them.

KNOW that the old 3d earth has NO intention of ever coming out of tantrum mode. The New Earth seeks to pour the LOVE that IS through ALL at all times but the old 3d earth has been TAUGHT to fear the LOVE that IS, fully believing all that it has been taught.

At this time you are asked to release the emotions that you have been TAUGHT to store within your BEing and to allow the LOVE that IS to SOOTHE you at this time. Just as when extreme emotion when it is  experienced seems overwhelming and almost life threatening when it calms once more then your vision will clear. If you hold on tightly to the fear and the other lower dimensional frequencies then you are feeding the trantrum. To stop the tantrum you must remain DETACHED and not feed it. This does not equate to abandoning or ignoring, for you can fully LOVE a child in the middle of a tantrum but ignore the behaviour and detach from the rage that is being thrown at you. The LOVE that IS still endures and is not changed.

The FULL MOON energies will now significantly increase and this will continue to build. To work with the moon’s energies please allow all to FLOW, take time for SELF and detach from the distractions of the old 3d earth. I would highlight the advertising, the push for consumerism at this time and the outpouring of “reality” that may reach overwhelming proportions at this time.  Let the smoke and mirrors begin to break down, they may look real and very shiney but they have NO substance at all.  ALL that glitters is not gold, unless you process its energetic signature through the heart space, for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


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