Many of you at this time are walking between worlds.  The discernment needed through ALL aspects of this YOUr human life experience will now begin to expand and to increase rapidly. For as you begin to anchor at a human conscious waking mind level the power of the LIGHT that YOU ARE in TRUTH and begin to consciously create your outer waking reality then the need to use discernment will become vital. I would highlight once more that EACH human vehicle upon and within this planet is having a different and completely unique human life experience.


This unique experience may seem to overlap with others experiences but cannot ever be the same due to the differences in the structure of said human vehicles.

As you begin to walk in the New Earth in TRUTH and begin to anchor that YOU CAN dream and CAN create the dream from within then the need to be able to anchor this and to hold your focus will become ever more vital. To begin with the New Earth will “support” fully your creations, it may be that you are placed in a sort of “safe” space whilst experiencing the smaller creations of your dreams but as you build up to anchoring and creating that which YOU came here to this planet to birth, the need to be able to hold your focus will grow.  This is due to YOUr SOULs need to show YOU at a human conscious waking mind level just how powerful YOU are in TRUTH.

I would offer the analogy of beginning to walk as a child. Once you have gotten started and are able to stumble around then you will be offered less and less “help” as it were from the adults around you. To start with the adults may reach out and keep their hands just out of reach but close enough to catch you if you stumble. As you GAIN in STRENGTH and build your muscles as it were then the adults around you become more confident of your ability to walk and as they do, YOU DO TOO.  I use this analogy deliberately for many at the moment are asking the universe to hold them up when the universe and YOUr SOUL can see that YOU can walk unaided. The smoke and the mirrors of the old earth trying to teach you that if you stumble you will not only fall over but you will have to sit where you fell as there is no help available.

Gaining in strength is part of the process and at ALL times YOUr SOUL is guiding you in this process,  many of you may be moving at speed through the beginning to walk process but then come to a sudden halt when you realise that you are then walking unaided. This is a residue frequency from the old 3d earth that has deliberately been placed within the cellular structure of the human vehicle and it requires to be dissolved.  Its a bit like the mind has suddenly “caught up” with YOUr human vehicle and tries to apply the brakes.  

The New Earth only supports TRUTH so you may be placed in a sort of “safe space” again whilst you work on allowing the human logical mind to begin to reference and “file” that you are now able to work at a different level in a human conscious waking state upon this planet.  To think about this too much may plunge you back down in frequency and may see a sort of “crisis of SELF” begin to unfold. As this crisis is not TRUTH it is not supported and will begin to dissolve. When this happens it is vital that you rebalance SELF from within and understand that just like when you first started to walk as a toddler there may be times when walking is not as “straight forward” as you assumed it would be. It does not negate however your actual ability to walk which will only ever STRENGTHEN as you work within the New Earth energetic frequencies.

Those around you who are at a different frequency may not be able to understand how you move, it is akin to a room full of children all at different ages, some are mesmorised by the walking process, some are beyond the walking process and will begin to start running and others will take little interest in any of this.  Just as with a room full of children ALL will eventually fall into a balance and ALL will be able to walk at some point. It is vital that as you move into your “parent” mode (in this analogy you are both parent and child at the same NOW time) that you do not begin to get anxious that the child will never walk and it is vital that you do not start to compare one child with another. Each is at a different developmental stage and each is working to their own frequency level and SOUL purpose.  ALL are NOT on the same path or have the same SOUL mission and the teachings of the old 3d earth may try to re-anchor themselves at this point.

I see many who assume that as they are what is termed a “lightworker” then they should be at a certain level. In TRUTH each incarnated BEing on this planet is a “lightworker” as all are here to remember who they are in TRUTH. The multitude of variables hiding this in plain view.  Labels are containing by their very nature and it is a residue of the old 3d earth paradigms to allow your human logical mind to categorise and label your human life experience, indeed as you move further into this expansion it will become more and more challenging to try to define anything that you are experiencing.

The FULL MOON’s energies will now highlight that which is pulling at your energetic signature and as I stated clearly in a previous blog the CHOICE of whether to allow this to continue unchallenged is purely YOUr choice, ALL is YOUr choice, this was something that the old 3d earth neglected to teach you or even let you see.  CHOICE is personal, it is not dependent on ANY “outside” influence for the outside is merely a reflection of that which is anchor and running from within.


Source: truthcodes

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