Right about now, I’m reaching a place of realizing that everything, in every moment, is alright. Perhaps some of you could find it strange that it has taken me this long to reach such a point and I would say that it hasn’t; rather, I’ve been realizing more and more every day that everything is great and that neither I nor we have anything to worry or be concerned about. One of the main reasons this is so is because we’re undergoing a temporary and finite human existence.

We are spiritual beings who are now dipping into realms far beyond what humanity would expect to be possible and as we realize the brimming higher realms waiting to be accessed by us, we will be able to look at everything that happens in our Lives in an increasingly-understanding Light.

We will begin to realize that events manifesting in our Lives are not meant to bring us down, put us in fear or apprehension or lower our vibrations in any way. For most of us, this is not what we were taught as children. We were taught that if we stepped out of line or misbehaved, we had a just punishment coming to us and personally, I can remember the anxious and anxiety-ridden feeling of waiting to be “punished”.

As adults, we are seeing that we now have the power to carve our own paths and Create our own destiny, as our ability to do so was perceived to have been assumed by the parents and guardian figures who were trying to pave a good path for us and teach us basic laws for us to Live by in this world.

Now, we are seeing that we have the power to Create, do and experience what we wish to and for me personally, the strong awakening that has accelerated exponentially since the 21st and the beginning of this year is helping me to realize that fear, pain and apprehension are aspects of the past.

Even aspects of my Life I’d dare not tread previously are opening up for me now as I realize that I am treading a path of dignity, honor, respect and most important of all – Light. I am treading a path of the highest and purest Light and so are you, but we have to realize it is so and we have to use the tools of awareness now available to us, to tread our paths with the purest intent.

We can flourish in this time now. Some of us are not; some are depleted, tired and wishing to take a few turns off of the Earth ride for a while and recuperate and at times, I’m a part of that crowd. At other times, I’m a part of the crowd of flourishing, awakening souls who are finding personal revolutions within themselves as we collectively begin to find the realization that negativity of any kind will no longer be a part of our experience.

Another thing I’ve noticed about negativity fading is that I’m now able to understand every negative situation still manifesting, in a much clearer light than I did before.

I can see when my feeding of negativity garners negativity for me and I can see that when I allow myself to be dragged down and feel the resulting heavy feelings, it’s not because of the external circumstances I have allowed to bring me down and convince me to feel as a victim. It’s because the part of my ego that has thrived on negativity, depression, stress and anxiety knows no other emotion, feeling or way of being and it is latching itself onto me in a last-ditch attempt to reinforce its feedings.

This is similar to what’s happening on the world stage with the cabals. Whose left of them are fighting endlessly to maintain their grip and influence on a world that has clearly found the Light and is ready to move into the new paradigm. They are finding themselves unable to maintain such a grip and, much like our egos at this time, are finding themselves less and less in the spotlight as again, we are moving on from them and their influence as a planet.

Their influence has been fed by scary stories and disinformation pieces claiming they were about to do this or that and while raising awareness is crucial, the fear and melodrama surrounding the cabals that can be found on certain alternative news websites has only enforced the very energies they have wanted us to feed. I’ve noticed as well that this is the aim of those who are paid to spread negativity on the internet. (1)

I used to think that those who I’ve called “disinformation commenters” were solely fulfilling a specific agenda of shaping and influencing public opinion and while what’s left of them will attempt to do so, their main goal is to spread and feed negativity; to cause infighting amongst members of various websites and to bring down and twist up the positivity that is meant to be expressed at this time.

Though it may sound strange, those souls are actually assisting us in our growth by playing the roles of catalysts, representing in many cases, the “other side” of the beliefs of whomever they would fight with.

I do not wish to feed even their influence by putting them in the spotlight; I only wish to point out that the jobs of various people who are paid to post onto forums and websites strongly involve fighting and causing negativity and separation. I point this out to return to the fact that those very energies are no longer being fed and expressed in the collective consciousness in the manners they once were, because of the potent individual and collective awakenings taking place at this time.

No soul except ourselves can influence our opinions or emotions now, and while there are still those some would consider unawakened who are allowing themselves to be shaped and molded according to the image of another, the rising vibrations and the awareness that comes with such vibrations is garnering full consciousness and understanding in humanity and along with it, the endless positivity and happiness that has always been ours to experience is unlocked once again.

Can you imagine how great things will be when we find we’ve all individually unlocked the never-ending happiness, joy and bliss of the higher realms? Truly, nothing will inhibit us in rebuilding our world and seeing to it that our surface reflects the vibrations and emotions we’re beginning to re-access and run with.

If you have not yet found this positivity and wholeness, you are strongly encouraged to do so! Even beyond all of the spiritual material that can be absorbed or the various perspectives of matters we can receive, the essential element of retaining a state of positivity is what will always bring you back to those good feelings and emotions we all enjoy so much.

Wes Annac – Energized with positivity and wanting to pass it along.


Source: aquariusparadigm