The story line: While attending a climate seminar in Southern France, a Dutch plant-scientist comes in contact with a “soulmate”, who lived there in the past. She invites him to go with her, back in time, to Occitan, 1145. To discover her world; a world where people believe in the truth…  Once you start reading, you can’t put it down! Claudia Ravn, the American editor of The Night the Stars Danced, wrote about the book:’The story has a multi faceted and multi level series of ideas flowing together.



The past, the present, religious ideas and conflicts. Control methods using fear and conquest, respect for the individual verses a total lack of respect for human lives and nature. All of these and much more are woven thru the story along with the underlying personal gender issues and ideas about our eternal cosmic essence or spirit that returns to this earth to live again and to reap the consequences of our actions. This is the subtle idea I love best in the story. It is the wake-up call for all to be more aware of our impact on the planet.

One person can make a difference; especially when that one person invites and excites others to get involved in making a difference and solving the many politically based mysteries that are causing so much stress and confusion in everyone’s daily lives’.


For many weeks The Night the Stars Danced already ranked #1 in the category “New Thinking” in the Kobo charts! According to the publicjury of a Dutch Literairy prize (Gouden Meeuw), the book shows the discovery of a new way of thinking…

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