Few published writers over the past 25 years can claim to be in the same league as UK researcher Timothy Good when it comes to the credible academic study of the UFO subject. From his 1987 best-seller `Above Top Secret' through half a dozen subsequent mainstream/hardcover publications, he has impressed both the idle curious and the committed sceptic to take this subject seriously by his meticulous research methodology, interview transcripts with high-level military/political contacts, and reliance on official published documents attesting to the reality of these phenomena.


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 Good's new 2013 publication is `Earth: an Alien Enterprise', claimed by the author to be the result of several years' work. The book contains an abundance of new material but "goes further than ever before" (the author's words) towards embracing a grand-conspiratorial narrative of international government cover-up of this issue, hinted at and hedged around in this author's previous work but never before laid out so boldly as here.