Mindfulness is the ability to see the things as they really are and it sees the deep & true nature of all phenomenons, whatever is taking place into this moment without any prejudice & judgement. It is just the witness or watchfulness or observation of thoughts. It sees the things deeply, down below the level of concepts and opinions. This sort of deep observation leads to a complete absence of confusion, the real nature of things, and awareness with reality. If you want to remain mindful, you can just focus on the sensation of awareness of breath into this moment. For example, when you hear that the phone is ringing, you go & pick the phone immediately by bringing your attention into the present moment and stay focused on your breath.


Profound observation of the any activity into this moment is called mindfulness

I have seen people slamming the door while closing it. It happens when they are not mindful. It means they would be thinking something different while closing it, result into loud sound, but when you are in the moment, if someone asked us to close the door, we just hold it with light touch & pull it COMFORTABLY because we are mindful & relax.

Mindfulness improves productivity

What happens when a doctor does an operation? He is totally there mindfully that is okay, but as soon as he moves into the past or future, he is not able to  focus on the operation because  past memory or thinking about the future is interfering  into present moment leads to unsuccessful operation, because he was  not in the moment. The more you live in the moment with mindfulness, the better the operation is.  It is same as when you are in traffic zone where noises are coming from honk & horn, people are crying & shouting on the street but when you are mindful, it does not affect you at all because you are just focusing on awareness of breath. You are not judging them at all, but just watching or observing or witnessing of your thoughts.

Eat meals with mindfulness and gratitude. Taste every morsel of food and enjoy the aroma, flavour, taste and texture of your food.

I remember when I was in school. 
Teacher used to teach us in a class but my performance was always worst, because I was not focused & mindful. I used to think about playing football or watching fun movie by living in the past or future during study hours, end up in bad performance. On the other hand, some of my friends stood better position than me, because they were studying mindfully with awareness.

Take soap & rinse with water & finally you clean the dishes. You are focus on every activity of cleaning of dishes because you are mindful, but just imagine when you are not mindful. Your attention goes somewhere & you cannot clean the dishes properly, because you are not mindful & it decreases your productivity.

Whatever you do, just be there with awareness, you can learn mindfulness very easily without any knowledge, by just observation with experiencing in activity of daily living. 


Letting go is the best principle of mindfulness

 Notice sunlight, rain, wind, trees, sights and sounds on your way to work while driving a car when you are mindful. You can enjoy with air or sunlight etc. but never judge them, just witness of them.


Mindfulness teaches the deepest truth of existence: Mindfulness is method of investigation, self-discovery, and deep understanding.

Mindfulness applies to all aspects of life, whatsoever is going on, whether we are working or running or enjoying a meal. We should be aware of what is going on. No worry or dreams of the future, no regret--just experiencing the present moment.


Get rid of stress

Mindfulness can teach us how to redirect those negative and worrying thoughts back to the present moment, and reminds us that the future hasn’t happened and the past is already gone, so there is no point to think about them.


Mindfulness practice in daily lives

In the practice of mindfulness, the mind is trained to remain in the present, open, quiet, alert & awake, focused on the present moment and to accept one’s thoughts and responses without judgement. All judgments and interpretations of feelings and thoughts are overlooked or just dropped. To be mindful is to be fully present but not lost in daydreams, anticipation, indulgences, worry & anxiety.

Mindfulness alleviates suffering from anxiety, panic disorders and phobias. It is already clinically proven that it reduce the stress and chronic pain. It helps us in improvement for both mental and physical health alleviating depression, anxiety, loneliness and chronic pain.

Mindfulness techniques were used to help children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder & soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder. Mindfulness practice can be effective in managing depression. It can be as effective as antidepressants in treating depression.


Bron: canadianspiritualcenter