Gemstones U to Z

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Gemstones, beautiful stone and crystals that mother Earth lets us discover. These help us to consciousness and health. Here you will find gemstones that begin with the letter U to Z.

White Soul quartz

An extraordinary spiritual stone and an ultimate healer and powerful energy Enhancer. Dissolves karmic patterns. High vibration force in all dimensions. Assists in the death and leads the soul by the different dimensions to the highest possible. Comfort those who stay behind. Good at dream-interpretation and beneficial in case of problems from past lives. Encourages self forgiveness.


This stone helps you to accept the less positive aspects of life and prevents despair if you are faced with adverse situations or feelings.Good for people who were focused only on the positive and negative traits have suppressed, making them so nice and sweet that they no longer be himself. Hi teaches you to accept and integrate your shadow sides. He facilitates the overrgang of the physical to spiritual intuitive or spiritual level. He facilitates communication with the past, present and future. The stone makes it easier to recognize the use of souls you would meet this life again, where you have an appointment.