A mystical aura quartz created by gold and rare indium on Crystal. This Crystal provides multidimensional balance and profound spiritual connectedness. Tailored to the transforming violet flame he opens the souls star and highest Crown chakras and brings them on one line. He pulls cosmic energy in the physical body and the Earth the stone brings you in a State of ' non-spirit' sensual joy. Tanzanite aura offers spiritual solace, lost emotional blockages and replaces them with unconditional love and feel part of a larger soul group.

Physically, this quartz type any powerful regulatory effect on the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus and pineal gland and provides physical balance. Indium helps the absorption of minerals and supports the metabolism and hormonal balance, leading to physical and mental well-being. The stone is beneficial for metabolism, the absorption of minerals, migraine, insomnia, ADHD, immune system, pneumonia, recovery, depression, inflammation, fibromyalgia, diabetes, vision, glaucoma, urinary tract, blood pressure, circulatory system, pancreas, spleen and liver.


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