Gemstones Q to T

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Gemstones, beautiful stone and crystals that mother Earth lets us discover. These help us to consciousness and health. Here you will find gemstones that begin with the letter Q to T.


This stone with its high vibration is excellent for purifying, energize and connect the chakras. The stone brings the refined bodies in line with the physical body and facilitates a free flow of energy through the whole. In the absence of self-discipline helps the stone of self control you to your intention and concentration. It connects the individual spirit with the universal and tunes to concepts that the universe at a higher level of consciousness. Sillimanite contributes to the overall well being and brings a cause which overcomes depression endorphins ruffle.

A mystical aura quartz created by gold and rare indium on Crystal. This Crystal provides multidimensional balance and profound spiritual connectedness. Tailored to the transforming violet flame he opens the souls star and highest Crown chakras and brings them on one line. He pulls cosmic energy in the physical body and the Earth the stone brings you in a State of ' non-spirit' sensual joy. Tanzanite aura offers spiritual solace, lost emotional blockages and replaces them with unconditional love and feel part of a larger soul group.