This stone is closely related to Tantalite and retains many of its properties. It is a protective stone that absorbs negative energy and helps you not energetic fleeced, he also helps to prevent environmental pollution. The stone blocks hostile forces and creates an energetic grid around the body in order to ward off negativity, also by negative extraterrestrial forces. Columbite removes entities, attachments, mental commands and core beliefs in both the etheric and physical body. Wear it to radiation and to ward off negativity.

Columbite is also going against excessive behavior under control, and obsessions offer support in overcoming addictions and cravings. Also it helps to understand these patterns. The stone stabilizes the environment. Good stone for making decisions, because he provides a targeted feeling and facilitated making plans for the future, but also reminds you that you present, or influence of the past not lose sight. If you are impetuous, he helps you to get you in until you're ready. If you are overly cautious, he helps you confidently move on. This stone is also stabilizing hee well with ADHD or a quick derived spirit. He gives you a sense of purpose and direction in your life, brings balance in extreme mood swings and goes against pessimism. He promotes passion and love for life. He helps you spiritually fed and led by higher beings and feel that you are in times of vibration changes on the Earth plane. If you meditate with the stone you can more easily find out your goal of this incarnation.