This stone of prosperity and abundance is an amalgamation of green-and gold-rays. These are connected with your 3rd and 4th chakra and can change the vibration of your energy field so that you can act from a mildness. He opens your heart and helps you judge behind you and to reach a State of enlightened discernment, he also helps you open steal for divine love and true abundance, because they appeal to the heart and your ability to receive. This stone of compassion and forgiveness helps you to altruistic projects by, such as the healing of people and helen and retain the nature.




Chrysoberil gives confidence and helps you to get you to employ your higher thinking and discernment at the choices you need to make in your life and the decisions you need to take. The stone opens the chakras of the Crown, the third eye, the heart and solar plexus and agree them on each other. Good for the heart and heart disease, especially if there is stress in the game is. Good for the liver, kidneys and gallbladder and helps in detoxification of your body. The stone can help you recover after exposure to radiation, such as solar radiation or radiation therapy in cancer.