Cavansiet grows sometimes mixed with quiet beet crystals and this is a wonderful combination. Cavansiet has a pure "blue beam" energy, that of revelation, breakthrough, understanding, predictions and spiritual enlightenment. It is a stone for purification, recovery and inner truth. Placed on the third eye is this crystal very good to get the higher truth because he flow channeling without going through thoughts or doubt. Also promotes this crystal Clairaudience, clairvoyance and he brings you in touch with guides. With this crystal you can also create and explore past lives consciously astral travel. This is also a crystal of joy, optimism and inspiration., so good for depression It is a self reflective stone that helps to penetrate deep into something.

He recovers destructive behavior or ingrained thought patterns, he allows you to be satisfied with your physical existence and encourages self-respect. This crystal is a balm for those who are in pain or in mourning. The Silent beet has a deep and delicate softness and gives serenity and joy. In this stone vibrates love. Open them and heals your heart chakra and helps you to open and emotionally fragile even in the most difficult situations. If you meditate with still beet creates a effortless expansion of consciousness in the astral world. Cavansiet and silent beet together a strong opening and healing combination of truth, love and peace. The Crystal opens the gates of the observations which you becoming better tuned touches on the heart area. Thereby you come strong in yourself and you will be exhilarated