Possesses a high vibration, is connected with the angels and is carrier of the Akashic records. In a space reinforces the stone the triggering of energies. Apofylliet creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual areas. During travel outside the body it holds a strong connection to the physical body, so that information is easy to remember. This spiritual stone ensures clear visibility, stimulates intuition and makes access to the future possible. The stone helps in imbalance. It is a stone of truth and ensures recognition of one's true self he works calming and is effective in stress and handle negative thought patterns on, he also frees repressed emotions, overcome fear and anxiety.


Helps your insecurities. This stone has a soothing and spiritual grounding effect on the mind. Helps you travel to past lives. Apofylliet is the ultimate tool in reiki or energy treatments. The client can relax themselves deeper and is more responsive.