This stone teaches you that everything is perfect as it is. He lets see the harmony of your higher self and all that so possible. At the ceges/soma chakra (hairline) let him know who you really are and teaches you to show this to the world. On your 3rd eye reinforces this mystical stone your intuition and your ability to visualize. He also helps you to contact beings from higher dimensions. This crystal will only appear in your life when there ready, when the time is right. Exactly when you are ready to receive the information and assistance of this crystal.


Annabergiet brings the biomagnetische robe and the chakras on one line, harmonises and strengthens this and aligns them out. In the physical he increases the flow of energy meridians and harmonizes them with the Meridian grid of mother earth. He is very helpful in multidimensional cellular healing. Annabergiet help to understand dreams. He physically stimulates your self healing ability and is helpful in infections, dehydration, tumors and cellular disorders.


Source: Phenax-kristal


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