Gemstones A to D

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Gemstones, beautiful stone and crystals that mother Earth lets us discover. These help us to consciousness and health. Here you will find gemstones that begin with the letter A to D.


This stone teaches you that everything is perfect as it is. He lets see the harmony of your higher self and all that so possible. At the ceges/soma chakra (hairline) let him know who you really are and teaches you to show this to the world. On your 3rd eye reinforces this mystical stone your intuition and your ability to visualize. He also helps you to contact beings from higher dimensions. This crystal will only appear in your life when there ready, when the time is right. Exactly when you are ready to receive the information and assistance of this crystal.


Developed psychic gifts and spiritual tuning, engrossed meditation, awakens the kundalini on and contributes to communication and self-expression at all the sea is calm. Apatite stimulates creativity and intellect and raises confusion on. the stone leads to openness and social flair and supports hyperactive and autistic children. The stone soothes sadness and anger, helps in the healing of bones and stimulates the formation of new cells. The stone suppresses hunger and increases the rate of metabolism and encourages healthy eating. Also lowered blood pressure and heals glands.

Possesses a high vibration, is connected with the angels and is carrier of the Akashic records. In a space reinforces the stone the triggering of energies. Apofylliet creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual areas. During travel outside the body it holds a strong connection to the physical body, so that information is easy to remember. This spiritual stone ensures clear visibility, stimulates intuition and makes access to the future possible. The stone helps in imbalance. It is a stone of truth and ensures recognition of one's true self he works calming and is effective in stress and handle negative thought patterns on, he also frees repressed emotions, overcome fear and anxiety.

Powerful stone that your third eye opens and powerful images and a strong spiritual band creates. Despite his strength, it is a very safe Crystal to stimulate spiritual visions and visualization. It is a stone with great clarity. In meditations he takes the soul to the highest possible levels. (Ii) chloride restores spiritual confidence and promotes a band with upper main. Helps in opening the higher heart chakra and brings more unconditional love in your life. Good for the immune system and stimulates the thymus. The stone cleanses the kidneys and expels fear. Helps in healing of the thyroid gland and opens the throat chakra and heal the genitals.

Cavansiet grows sometimes mixed with quiet beet crystals and this is a wonderful combination. Cavansiet has a pure "blue beam" energy, that of revelation, breakthrough, understanding, predictions and spiritual enlightenment. It is a stone for purification, recovery and inner truth. Placed on the third eye is this crystal very good to get the higher truth because he flow channeling without going through thoughts or doubt. Also promotes this crystal Clairaudience, clairvoyance and he brings you in touch with guides. With this crystal you can also create and explore past lives consciously astral travel. This is also a crystal of joy, optimism and inspiration., so good for depression It is a self reflective stone that helps to penetrate deep into something.


This stone of prosperity and abundance is an amalgamation of green-and gold-rays. These are connected with your 3rd and 4th chakra and can change the vibration of your energy field so that you can act from a mildness. He opens your heart and helps you judge behind you and to reach a State of enlightened discernment, he also helps you open steal for divine love and true abundance, because they appeal to the heart and your ability to receive. This stone of compassion and forgiveness helps you to altruistic projects by, such as the healing of people and helen and retain the nature.

This stone is closely related to Tantalite and retains many of its properties. It is a protective stone that absorbs negative energy and helps you not energetic fleeced, he also helps to prevent environmental pollution. The stone blocks hostile forces and creates an energetic grid around the body in order to ward off negativity, also by negative extraterrestrial forces. Columbite removes entities, attachments, mental commands and core beliefs in both the etheric and physical body. Wear it to radiation and to ward off negativity.