For those of you who are familiar with my work, know that each hologram has a special effect on a part of our sub consciousness. I call these codes, because they help you to decipher hidden knowledge within yourself. Each code contains information in the form of a frequency, in other words: an energetic vibration, which resonates with our feelings. In my columns I write about my experiences when I receive these frequencies. I usually talk about the ones, which are the strongest at this moment and give my opinion about our development in this topic.

A lot of people, especially in spiritual circles, talk a lot about the light, bringing back the light, or even the light gaining victory over the dark. In my opinion, the concepts of light and dark are not understood, because of the third invisible component that is always there but never seen until it is time to unite again. This third component is the component of manipulation from the ‘outside’. An opportunity for manipulation can only exist when total union is broken, so there is a vacuum for manipulation to occur. When there is total oneness and complete cooperation between all components within that oneness, manipulation from outside sources cannot even exist.

True change comes from within your being and is reflected by your external actions, while false change is gained through your external actions and is forced upon your being. True change is permanent, its gains are forever internalized, but false change is only temporary and requires continued actions to put pressure on your being in order for the gains to be kept and maintained. For example, if a woman goes to the gym for three months to make herself feel beautiful, her benefits and feelings of beauty are temporary and can dissolve within only a few weeks of inactivity, however, any changes about her Self-image and beauty that she makes within her being through going inside cannot be reversed by inactivity, for she cannot lose who she actually is.