True change comes from within your being and is reflected by your external actions, while false change is gained through your external actions and is forced upon your being. True change is permanent, its gains are forever internalized, but false change is only temporary and requires continued actions to put pressure on your being in order for the gains to be kept and maintained. For example, if a woman goes to the gym for three months to make herself feel beautiful, her benefits and feelings of beauty are temporary and can dissolve within only a few weeks of inactivity, however, any changes about her Self-image and beauty that she makes within her being through going inside cannot be reversed by inactivity, for she cannot lose who she actually is.  

This dynamic lines up with the curse given by God to Adam in the Garden of Eden,  for his part in the eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, where man must toil and work hard in the fields to get his sustenance — man must  force his will (actions and change) upon the being of the earth, to gain temporary support.

Additionally, any change that does not begin within an individual carries with it the probability that those believing the change can be manipulated by it; it is social engineering of attitudes and beliefs through external pressures. Internal change cannot be manipulated by others though, for it is an intimate part of their very being, having become one with their pain, suffering, and other reasons that led to the changes.



Nathan Martin & Aline Van Meer


Bron: Divinepollination

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