Greetings, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. Heaven Is Not Up Above the Clouds, It’s Everywhere Today I get to tell you about something new, but before I do I want to take you Home for just a moment. I sit here, the place that you call Home. You know, humans think that heaven is up above the clouds and it is a funny thing for us because heaven is really everywhere…it is all the places that you are not…all of them, together. When you come to your Earth you are a little tiny baby, and you have to be carried, nurtured and held.




Most of the time when you look up, you are looking into the loving eyes and beauty of your mother, father or the people taking care of you, so you automatically think that all beauty and nurturing comes from above. That is why you think heaven is up. Is that not interesting? So, I will bring you up here and you can sit on a cloud with me for a moment. I want to show you something, okay?

Laughing Is the Most Spiritual Thing You Can Do.

Wipe your eyes and get ready to gaze into the universe, because that is what we do here all the time. We are going to look at Earth for a moment and see the whole picture, all hearts blending together. Just open your eyes slowly and what you are going to see is a big lake with no waves at all. The water is absolutely motionless and there is no movement in the air, just a beautiful reflection in a perfectly still body of water. That is Earth, and in many ways that is what your emotions look like to us until something happens. When you go into fear, you create negative waves here in the energy. Take a little pebble and fill it full of your heart energy, then just throw it at the pond quickly. Go ahead, throw it down there. Can you see the little ripples going out from the center? Little circles…and more circles. Now if you take a whole bunch of pebbles and throw them all in at once, you have many circles starting to move and creating all kinds of energy. They overlap each other and the movement creates all kinds of beautiful things, which is what we see when you celebrate.

All of a sudden we are looking at this beautiful blank space and we see a little ripple and say, “Just watch. There is a little ripple starting over here. This is going to be a good one.” And we see you celebrating on Earth. Now why is that such a big deal for us? Because those are the times when you forget you are a human, and you start bringing your spirit in all the time. Do you know what happens when you laugh? You push your own image of who you think you are out of the way long enough to see yourself playing the game. Is that not beautiful? That is really where the laughter is. When humans celebrate, we awaken here on this side of the veil. Do you know what happens when you think about Elrah when I am not talking to you? I am on your shoulder all of a sudden.

It does not make any difference if 8 million of you all do it at the same time because I am capable of that, but so are all of them. When you are Home and you think of someone, they are pulled right into your field just like that. It is magic—well, what you think is magic. We do the same thing here, so when you celebrate you anchor each other’s vibrations. All those little circles of light beaming out and crossing over each other, some of them cancelling each other while some of them are building on another.  It is an expression of a beautiful celebration of light, and one of the greatest things that you can do on this Earth. So many of you have been thinking that you have to do something spiritual and you have to work hard. We tell you that you cannot do anything more spiritual than laugh because that is when you forget the human part of yourself and your entire spirit just comes right out and shines brightly. Re-member, dear ones, the grounding of the light from Home is one of the reasons you are here.

Grounding of the Light from Home

How can you ground the light from home? You can do it many different ways, but when you laugh you are grounding the light. You are the ones that bring it into Earth, as you take this light from Home and create the most beautiful reflection of it through your own bubble of biology. It is changing a bit for you now, because you are on the planet for empowered humans, you see. Planet Earth is experiencing a lot of changes and there are many different ways for you to make space for creative beings to take their power where they are now without having to go Home to re-anchor the energy and start over again. You are actually going to be able to do it right here and right now, which is beautiful. I am going to take a breath and let Em come in, because he has a little piece of this that I want him to share.

Making Choices in a Multidimensional World

Greetings, dear ones, I am eM. That is the laughter that must come in with me. Yes, this is how we balance energy at Home. Little giggles once in a while will set your energy all day, so this works well. You will re-member this every time you laugh a little bit…you will feel that little strain and the energy going through your being, cleansing you, bringing you Home. Welcome everyone, I am eM and I tell you that this day is very magical. I will ask you all an individual, personal question. All of you have made choices in your lives, but have you ever made a choice that you greatly wondered about? What would it have been like if you made the opposite choice instead? Well, this is especially interesting because of what you are about to discover in the area of your sciences. Until now your sciences have been  focused only on the brain, and your spirits only on the heart. Now the two are blending together because the veil is thinning. You are witnessing them validate each other in different ways, and this is part of what I wish to speak with you about today.

Within Quantum Physics there is a quandary about an experiment called the “Double Slit” experiment. I will mention it briefly to explain one of the quandaries you have had about your own quantum sciences and it teaches a larger approach to life. You shoot energy—just call it a “photon”—and there are two different slits this photon can go through. Well, when you look closely you realize it goes through both slits. The rationale was “Well, obviously there are too many photons so we will only send one photon at a time and then see which slit it goes through. Well, it went through both of them but how did that happen? “No problem,” you said. “We will now set up a mechanism over here to measure which one of the slits it goes through.” So, you turned on your machines and it only went through one slit. Why?  Because you were watching. It was the observation that tuned the results to only one dimension.  That does not mean that all the photons went through one slit when you tried to measure them. It means that with your intent, you could only see them go through one slit.

You exist in multiple places at the same time and there are many of you who regret not making certain choices in your life. We tell you that you did indeed make those choices. Although you did not necessarily make them in this particular angle of your multidimensional life, you have made all of those choices and your spirit has experienced more of these capabilities than you have ever imagined. Never regret your choices on Earth, dear ones, for at any moment if you are unhappy with your choice you can choose again. That is the beauty of an empowered society and it is one thing you are doing now. For so long you have been feeling everyone else’s energy and often making your choices based on not only the needs of your own hearts, but also on the needs of the people around you. That has been the way of all humans for you have known you are not alone on Earth and your harmony and the way you get along together has been very important to all of you.

Echoes from the Other 11 Dimensions of You

What if you could have a higher vision and start to release some of the limiting belief systems, suddenly giving everyone permission to get exactly what they wanted in their lives? You are already there, dear ones, for that was what the portal was all about. Yes, it is difficult for you to anchor that energy at this time. It is still hard for many of you to see your own reflection in the new energy. It is still as beautiful as it was before but many of the familiar markers are gone, much of your grounding in the old energy is gone. So,  it is very challenging and many of you have been in survival mode even though you have come into the new world, the place of empowerment. Suddenly you feel like you cannot quite keep up, and you have been trying to re-adjust your lives to feel comfortable again. We tell you that you have the ability to go back and experience all of those choices that you believe you did not make. The walls between the dimensions are thinning as we speak.

You are one being, dear ones, expressing yourself in 12 dimensions with the 12th dimension being the higher self at the center. Simply imagine a vortex at the top with a tube torus made up of 11 circulating rays. These rays would be what you would experience as your individual lives, all believing they are unique. Yet they all connect at the creation center of the torus giving them all the same central focus on the larger whole being.  The spiritual journey on Earth is designed to evolve the spirit through human experiences, thus it is a constant aim toward living and expressing the perfection of your own higher self at the creation center of your personal torus.    

If we were to ask you who you were at any moment, you would describe one of those rays of light from the perspective you see when you open the eyes of one dimension.  Yet there are 11 more perspectives and even harmonics of those, so you could count many more dimensions if you wish to. Each of those dimensions has carried all of the choices you did not make, for you are experiencing all of those choices in their dimensional realities. However, only one of those in the reality you consider for yourself today. The reason we are bringing this up, dear ones, is that it is one of the greatest things happening over the next several months and well into 2014. As humans evolve, the walls that separate these dimensions are thinning. You have called it a thinning of the veil. Many of you have received the magnetic energies from this and felt the emotional energies from the other yous, because the walls are thinning and there is bleed through right now.

Even though this can be somewhat cumbersome and difficult to absorb, much of what you are feeling is negative energy which seems to cross over before the positive energy. Although it is only a human perception that negative energy is bad, it is much easier for you to express negative energy than it is for you to express positive.  Please understand that often when you are feeling sad, it may be one of your other dimensions that you are picking up on. Although there may be a bit of negative energy in the beginning it is a breaking and opening of a new dimension, a new feeling and connection toward each of you. Very shortly after that, you will find the joy coming in. Even though you may have walked around for several days without laughing or you have not been able to ground yourself, suddenly you will find yourself laughing for no reason to balance the energy. Now you have opened that other possibility and you are starting to release these other pieces.

I Am Me

Dear ones, you all know that you are from Home or what you think of as heaven. You can call it anything you want depending on your belief systems, but you are not of the Earth. Your physical bubble of biology has housed your spirit, and now it is evolving to carry more of your own light. How do you increase that? How do you help it to carry that, or help it to evolve? It is very simple, dear ones, you do so by using the light. Use your gifts and you will be given more. That is true of all of Earth and all of nature. Now each of you have come to the decision: What choices do I make? Yes, you still need to make choices for you are on the planet of free choice. That is at the base of your power and rightfully so. We wanted to share that with you, for many of you have spent much time in regret about choices, wondering what would have happened if you had gone down this path instead of that one. Dear ones, we tell you, you  did not miss a single thing.

You may not have been consciously aware of every part of it, but in your heart and especially when you go Home you will bring all of those experiences together and then you will understand it all. You will understand why sometimes there is sadness over here and laughter over there, and sometimes it is possible to hide imperfection over here and perfection over there. You are on the planet of free choice. Everything on your planet must be imperfect and if you are truly from Home, you are a perfect being. That is why you live in 12 dimensions. You had to divide up your imperfections to pretend to be on planet Earth. But they are never imperfections…they are the flavor of your light and all of you have an absolutely beautiful work to bring that into being right now. Do you see yourself in me? I am eM and if you turn that around, I am really just Me. See? I got you to laugh after all.

Dear ones, it is a beautiful journey ahead. Play. Celebrate. Know that your spirit has never made any serious errors. You are whole and complete, living in multiple dimensions at once and suddenly becoming aware of it. Your choices have led you here and that is the beauty of who you are, where you are from, and what you step in to do.
It is with the greatest of honor that we sit in front of you and watch as empowered humans now populate planet Earth. Treat each other with the respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Know that it is a beautiful game and play well together. Open every door for everyone that you can, for you are of service to the most beautiful light—yours.


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Source: Lightworker


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