Here we are, the last month of 2013 and what a wild ride it has been. If you can barely remember the beginning of the year, don’t feel bad because it would be hard to keep track of everything that has happened since then. And while it’s tempting to remind ourselves of all of the challenges we have endured on this path, it’s better and more freeing to celebrate what we have become as shown by the person we are in this moment.

Jeniffer Hoffman

We have gotten rid of a lot of baggage during this year and we can now move forward unencumbered and travel more lightly, perhaps more lightly than we planned, but nothing that ever leaves us was meant to stay with us anyway. Sometimes, and this is the theme of this month, we have to be willing to prune the branches to encourage more growth.

While December feels less abrupt, fierce, tough, and demanding than previous months have been, it’s not time to rest and relax and feel like the journey is over. This is a month to prepare for the new year, which I believe is much easier energetically for most of us, with some exceptions, and is less confusing and challenging than previous months. We can breathe now and relax a little, while making some choices about what we want for ourselves. Everything must now pass through the alignment and resonance test and December is our first month to practice what we will be experiencing starting in 2014 and beyond.

As we learn to live through the power of our intention, using it to set the energetic paradigms, parameters and boundaries (another big theme in 2014), we fine tune our connection points so we are consistently managing the energy flows into and out of our reality. This means that everything that enters our life is aligned with and resonates with our intention and everything that does not enter our life or leaves it,  is not aligned with and does not resonate with our intention. If you are not yet comfortable with the revolving door paradigm for your life, you may be by June of 2014 because it is going to happen for you.  You cannot create the life you want without setting strong energetic boundaries to manage the energy flows into and out of it. These boundaries are created by your intention and managed by alignment and resonance, in a self balancing process.

December may seem like a revolving door that includes people, beliefs, mindsets, thoughts, and feelings that rush in and out, move around and get restructured, reviewed, released, reorganized, and re-assessed during this month. It’s all aligned with your intention so if you are wondering why there’s so much activity in your life, why you feel so emotional, why so many people are leaving or entering your life, look at your intention and what you are asking for or trying to manifest. Try to be detached from the emotions of the process, because they are part of an energetic experience that will help you complete any learning and healing you have left to do. When they do come up, explore them and see what they are. Remember that you have to get dirty to dig for diamonds (those of you who have been on the crystal digs with me know what I’m talking about).

The surge of housecleaning and organizing many of us did in November (I cleaned out every closet and drawer in my house), was done in preparation for December’s energy but not necessarily to take action, it was more like getting us used to the feeling of being without all of the excess baggage and stuff that have become such a big part of our lives. How do we feel when we get rid of things that are soaked in the energy of the past? How easy is it for us to willingly and voluntarily release things that no longer serve us? It is all part of the larger process that we’re now preparing for, so we can know the difference between what serves us and what doesn’t, and know what and when to release at the right time. With all of this releasing in place, don’t feel bad if you don’t have clarity about where you want to go or what you want to do next, as it may not be time for taking action. If you aren’t sure of the direction to take, don’t worry about it, just keep clearing the old energy out of your life.

If you are ready to take action because you’re tired of all of the delays you have experienced since the beginning of the year, you may be able to start this month. But be aware that action without intention will have you spinning in circles. We can take action but it must be aligned, intentional, considered, focused, and conscious — anything else is going to have us tilting at windmills, making us feel like we’re doing something constructive or beneficial just because we’re moving. But in reality, nothing is happening because we are just going through old motions whose purpose and potential no longer exist. Even though it’s frustrating, you may want to continue to clean out your closets, organize your life and spaces, get clear on what you want to release and let it go, so you can be fully prepared for movement when you know it is time, and you will know.

Add in a powerful new and full moons (have you noticed that all of the new moons lately are around 10-12 degrees, which is the current degree of the Uranus/Pluto square), the Solstice, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, some heavy duty Mars activity around the 25th, along with a cardinal grand cross at that time, and it’s going to be a busy month. Since it’s also the season for giving gifts and it can lean towards holiday stress instead of holiday celebration, remember that the most precious gifts are those that are free to give and receive and the gifts that come from the heart are priceless. Align, Integrate and Manifest, AIM high, that’s your message for December. Have a wonderful month.


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