It’s a new month and one that will be a little quieter than March, I can already feel the energy shifting as I’m writing this, with two more days left in the month. We can take a big sigh of relief now, because we got through one of the most powerful power periods that we have had in a long time. But don’t get too comfy because April has an eclipse and it’s time to sift through the ashes of the Phoenix to decide what we’re going to resurrect, what is well beyond its ‘use by’ date, and what has made its own exit out of our lives. The total lunar eclipse on  April 4th is the partner to the October 8, 2014 eclipse and it activates the Uranus/Pluto square #7 of March 17, 2015. This was the one that corresponded with the 7th chakra or energy center, our divine source connection.


Jennifer Hoffman  

That doesn’t mean that all we have to do is stand on the corner and wait for the savior bus to come by and rescue us. It means that we are activating our divinity, the powerful, connected, masterful part of ourselves that we need to access if we are to live in our highest frequencies and through our greatest potential.

We are in an evolutionary ascension pattern that is increasing in intensity as we are able to integrate more energy. The more we open up to energy, the faster it comes in. Sometimes we’re tempted to wait until the flow ends, so we can see what we’re facing, but that doesn’t work. As soon as we open the door to receiving energy, it rushes in and the more we receive and raise our frequencies, the  more we can receive. It can be a little overwhelming, which is why we need to make room for it by clearing out our current energy space.

If you follow me on Facebook, I share that I know when a lot of energy is coming in because I have the urge to clean my house, to clear space, to re-organize my cabinets, and get rid of things. While my physical space benefits from the re-organization, on an energetic level I am clearing space for new energy. “As above, so below, as within, so without.” The urge you have to suddenly clean out every closet in your house, or go through twenty years of old papers and photos, is your confirmation that you are creating space for new and different energy to enter your life.

But what do you do with everything that is being shuffled around in your life? There are three choices you can make now, to organize your energy space and make choices that serve your intentions. The Phoenix, the mythical creature that destroys itself so it can rise from its own ashes,  has burned, now it’s resurrection time.

What do you want to resurrect or create a new version of? Anything that ‘doesn’t work’ has run out of energy road for you. The dream may still be valid, it just needs new energy, a new intention, and maybe even a bigger purpose. Sometimes things don’t work because we don’t set a high enough standard, don’t dream big enough, block our own progress, or don’t allow things to expand to their full potential. If it’s something you still want, you can resurrect it by creating a bigger, more fulfilling outcome for it. And be open to different versions of that outcome too, allow some room for miracles.

What is beyond its ‘use by date’? You know when something is simply over because you have lost your energy around it and while you may be putting energy towards it, there is a lot of obligation, commitment, and responsibility, with very little fun and ease. If you’re hanging onto something that may get better one day or later, it’s probably time to let it go now. Everything in your life occupies energetic space and anything you’re hoping will eventually change is occupying the space of something else that is ready for you right now.

What is making its own exit out of your life? Some things, people and situations, quietly walk out the door under their own energy and we’re didn’t do anything to cause it, at least not directly. All of our connection points change when we make an energy shift. Then everyone and everything in our life has to decide whether they can, will, or want to connect with us at these new levels. They may not be able to and so they leave. Sometimes that departure is graceful; at other times, when they don’t have the courage to say “I can’t”, they will do something foolish like have an affair, disappear, create a huge argument that ends in a tearful good-bye, your job ends, your landlord tells you they’re selling the house you live in, there are lots of ways this manifests. It can be upsetting and disruptive, but it’s just something that is disconnecting from you because it cannot meet you at your new and different frequency.

It is tempting to believe that we could have done something more or different, but everything and everyone is choosing right now and they don’t choose ‘against us’, they choose for themselves and what is right and best for them. Your shifting energy faces them with a powerful choice — shift their energy too or find someone who is at an energy they can be more comfortable with. But they’re helping you create space in your life for things that resonate at your energy, so it all works out.

You may feel like your entire life has been turned upside down and inside out now, that nothing is stable or secure and in a way it isn’t. We have limited ourselves in many ways for a long time and now we need to expand our frequency, vibration, and consider new levels of potential. To do that we need to clear out what’s occupying that space in this moment. Once the dust settles, everything that serves us and resonates with our intention will be with us and everything else will not. But, since we have cleared space, we have made room for new energies to enter our lives. And this is what we will see in April. So be ruthless in your house and self clearing, create your most powerful intentions, and let new energies in. They’re available for you now, all you have to do is open the door, invite them in, and make sure there’s room on the couch so they can get comfortable. Have a wonderful month.


Source : Enlighteninglife

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