Archangel Michael

The energy of Michael is more violent and more powerful (but also protective at the same time) than the other archangels. If Michael shows up and goes to work, the Earth and the people by all sorts of crises. Michael is the great cleaner on the spiritual plane, he stirs up and shakes her life together. He makes us more aware of the spiritual world, he opens the curtain that separated us from the spiritual world so long loved the matriele world, he made a strong desire of freedom in us down, he shows us the way. Different people Channeling here.

We begin today by once again offering our congratulations on your continuing progress.  You perhaps see nothing, although you are beginning to feel much, but we see amazing changes in the field of energy surrounding you.  A great deal of beneficial change has been initiated and is having lasting effects which are, perhaps just peeking into your awareness.  Think of it as the plantings in your winter greenhouses.  They shall be well along by the time your new season of growth arrives, able to be transplanted from your inner to your outer lives.  That season may occur sooner than you imagine.

Our message today will be, as always, one of encouragement in tumultuous times. What you see around you can only seem to be chaotic as you can see only the merest glimpse of anything other than the breakdown of the old wherever you look.  The final result can, so far, only be seen in your imagination.  This requires what you term a leap of faith. So be it then.  Leap!  Leap with gusto.  Leap in joy.  Leap toward the most wonderful and abundant world you can imagine.  That process is what has built and is building the world you want to live in.  Spend all the time there that you can.  Be the daydreaming person you were when you were enjoying your summer days as a child.

We are here today to speak with you of the marvelous portal into which you are passing at this time.  We would pass on to you some reminders of how to best utilize this wondrous opportunity, as there are still many of you who have not yet activated or remembered the wisdom which has been made available to you both recently and in your past.Before stating that you have not such knowledge and wisdom, we would advise that you search inside with great intent and determination to find what is there, that you find that which is what you are, and not listen to the voice which tells you that it does not exist.