Michael for the Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters At this time of great celebration all over your globe we wish to bring you a short message of our appreciation. We are more aware than you of the wide reach of these messages.  And combined with those of our other channels, there are very few places on your world that have not read or heard messages from any of us during the past year.  This has resulted in a great shift in the consciousness and understanding of thousands upon thousands of people in almost all countries, speaking most languages.


That has been the major task which you have accomplished over the past two years.  This is a time of yearly celebration.  Some of you are in the grip of winter.  Some of you are basking on sunny beaches.  Nevertheless, this time of your year is focused, around the world, on joy, peace, and unity.  Due to the internal shift which has been and is being felt by most of you who follow our messages, we know this is felt more deeply this year than ever before.  Know then that we join you in this celebration of all that you have accomplished, all that you have become, and all that you yet dream of.

We send you our deep feelings of love and family.  Know this, your efforts are now about to have effects which will shake everything to its foundations.  Things are proceeding, as we speak, which you will have a hard time believing at first, but which will bring about changes that will amaze you, even though you have been waiting seemingly forever for them.

And no matter how wonderful they may seem at first, know that they are only a first step.  Your next trip around the sun will be even more eventful than your last.  You have done this.

Be at peace with yourselves, dear ones.  Good day.


Source: oraclesandhealers