Archangel Michael

The energy of Michael is more violent and more powerful (but also protective at the same time) than the other archangels. If Michael shows up and goes to work, the Earth and the people by all sorts of crises. Michael is the great cleaner on the spiritual plane, he stirs up and shakes her life together. He makes us more aware of the spiritual world, he opens the curtain that separated us from the spiritual world so long loved the matriele world, he made a strong desire of freedom in us down, he shows us the way. Different people Channeling here.

Beloved Family of Light, what a Joy and a Delight to enter into this year of 2014 in your New Reality! In this message we would speak with you of some of the Possibilities that are taking shape in your New Earth Timeline. Firstly, 2014 will be a year of Great Change and Transformation on the Material or Physical level. All focus is now on how the New Energies begin to manifest the New Earth as the Gold Frequency allows and supports a Higher Consciousness and a Higher Level of Vision and Creativity.

Michael for the Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters At this time of great celebration all over your globe we wish to bring you a short message of our appreciation. We are more aware than you of the wide reach of these messages.  And combined with those of our other channels, there are very few places on your world that have not read or heard messages from any of us during the past year.  This has resulted in a great shift in the consciousness and understanding of thousands upon thousands of people in almost all countries, speaking most languages.

Beloved Family of Light, in this montth of December 2013 and into January 2014, your Earth is making major shifts and adjustments in Frequency as it begins to anchor the Frequency of the Gold Ray. The Sun has been assisting with this frequency shift, and the intense Solar activity of the last six months has been assisting in recalibrating the frequency of the Earth and allowing this new frequency to settle and anchor.Beloved Family, we know how difficult this has been for you. As Light Family, you have had to work to hold your Light despite the challenges that have confronted you at many levels.

Today we will speak on a wonderful subject, progress, and more specifically, your progress.We intend merely to draw your attention to something which you pay scant attention to.  And so, we will, as we say, call your attention to your own individual states of being, of your consciousness now.  It is more than a little likely that those of you who read these and other such messages can barely recollect what you were like just twelve of your months ago. We remind you that you were in a fervor over what would occur on the 21st day of that month. 

Let us speak today of your approaching solstice.  We would wish for as many of you as possible to prepare yourselves for that event.It is true that you have a solstice twice a year, every year.  And it is true that for many, if not most, this will seem no different than it ever has been.  We would point out, however, that you are in a portion of the universe that is totally unique to this time.  You are immersed in a field of energy that you have never experienced before.  And you are approaching an even more intense experience of that than you can possibly be aware of.

Beloved masters, you came from far-distant Universes, Sub-universes, galaxies and planets, and you brought with you a wealth of cosmic information, which was stored within your Sacred Mind for future access. There were stringent requirements you had to pass and solemn vows you had to make. You agreed to come to Earth during these momentous evolutionary times, and then incarnate into greatly diverse and often very difficult circumstances.

Celebrating the holiday known to you as Thanksgiving, we wish you a joyous day of holding gratitude for the abundance in your lives.  For most of those in other countries, this is, of course, not a holiday.  We offer that perhaps a thought or two along these lines may be appropriate for you, as well.  Giving thanks for what one has is always a sure way to raise one’s energy. Today there is also a great deal of attention and speculation upon the path of the comet that you have named Ison.  That is as intended, dear ones.  You are well aware now of the powerful effects of great focus when billions of you can be brought to concentrate upon an event. 

Dear Ones, Within your heart is a new knowing. It is a remembering of the fullness of your being which is informed by the new relationship to time which is emerging. Your memories of your eternalness are surfacing and with this, your relationship to your local, human identity in this particular lifetime, is perceived in a very different context. This knowing is different than an idea. It's different than conceptualizing of re-incarnation or multidimensionality. It is a pure, clear, aha-moment arising within you, which needs no confirmation or validation. It's simply clearly known. As you realize this knowing more and more you will find that your access to the new dimensions available on Earth begins to open up in astonishing ways.

You are in it now.  The great portal of which we have previously spoken through this and many other channels is upon you.  For several more of your days this will be the case. You may say that it has arrived.  You may say that you have reached it.  You may say that it will pass.  You may say that you will pass through it. Once again, as you attempt to describe what is, your words will fall short. Does the sun actually rise?  Does your orb actually orbit your sun in a circle?  You see, your reality and The Reality differ, do they not?  Are you passing through light, through energy that is lying in the path of your planet?  Is light, energy, love, being beamed to your planet?  Yes and yes.